Supply Chain Analytics & Automation

Move faster in unpredictable times with end-to-end supply chain insights and automation

SAP and Oracle ERPs excel at creating integrated business processes, but struggle to deliver insight and visibility from complex data schemas. Enterprises frequently struggle to leverage their data to provide actionable insights. Magnitude Angles provides insight, intelligence, and visibility into your SAP- or Oracle-powered supply chain. This is done through the combination of a context-aware, process-rich data model, pre-built operational reporting, and deep analytics. They highlight where bottlenecks exist, where delays are likely, and where critical orders are at risk. Integrate Angles as an engine for your enterprise BI tool, or leverage our reporting and analytics cockpits as a standalone solution.

Out-of-the-box operational analytics report templates put the power of continuous insights directly into the hands of your business users. This allows you to understand what’s happening, as it’s happening – so you can plan better, deliver faster, and maximize the bottom line. Deep analytics and process mining provide cross-process insights across your supply chain and your enterprise. Our powerful SAP automation tools allow you to manage supply chain data and run SAP transactions and BAPI customizations right from Microsoft Excel, letting you work faster, eliminate tedious and repetitive data management tasks, and maximize data hygiene.

Key Benefits

  • Context-rich analytics highlight bottlenecks, critical orders, delays, and shortages.
  • Unique levels of supply chain insight and intelligence ready to use via “Supply and Demand Matching” logic that highlights stock, purchases, and capacity you don’t need.
  • Hundreds of ready-to-run analytics templates get you started fast.
  • Report on Supply Chain process conformance as well as performance.
  • Highlight and resolve master and transactional data issues affecting the supply chain.
  • Control inventory levels, production throughput, logistics, and customer service.
  • Immediately drill down from high-level performance metrics to orders and items.
  • Fast and effective root-cause analysis and exception management.
  • Optimize your supply chain planning and processes.
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