Keeping Things Running Smoothly

Business Process Analytics and Insights

Stay competitive and keep up with demand by running your plant smoothly and efficiently. Stay online, operational, and optimized. Magnitude Angles provides your teams with the information they need to measure performance and project control.

  • Deliver complete Plant Maintenance analytical capability into the hands of your users.
  • Provide insight into plant and machine performance, detect bottlenecks in work orders, and optimize spare parts stocks.
  • Allow for instant analysis of any missing components and backlogs.
  • Understand and control future maintenance requirements based on upcoming demand.
  • Identify what equipment is where, and in what condition – in a single overview.
  • Provide total transparency of the state of progress in maintenance and repair orders.
  • Create instant visibility of spare parts and maintenance supplier performance.
  • Understand what triggers the inspection of a product, what and how much is inspected, the results of the inspection, and what should happen to goods inspected.

Business Process Automation

With increasing competition and the pressure to maintain growth, smart solutions with automation capabilities are required to keep your business running smoothly. Magnitude Process Runner offers broad coverage for SAP Manufacturing master data and transactional data creation, maintenance, analysis, and monitoring. Simplification, efficiency, and productivity start by automating SAP Transaction, BAPI, GUI Scripting, and Data Extraction tasks – all from one seamless application.

  • Automate day-to-day data maintenance and migration operations between SAP and Microsoft Excel.
  • Dramatically reduce ongoing costs and optimize process efficiencies.
  • Create and/or update Material, Bill of Material, Routing, Work Centers, Recipes, Planned and Production Orders.
  • Execute SAP Manufacturing module transactions and processes directly from Excel to SAP – with hundreds of transaction codes at your disposal (including MM01/MM02, CS01/CS02, CA01/CA02, CS71/CS72, CO01/CO02).

Support all types of manufacturing transactions:

  • Create, change and manage production schedules (CO01, KKF2).
  • Create and manage SAP material master requirements (MM01, MM02).
  • Create customer-independent requirements (MD81).
  • Approve or disapprove customer-independent requirements on the go (MD82).
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