Deliver Real Business Intelligence. In Real Time.

Real business insights – without the IT burden.

Customer and market expectations are constantly evolving. In the race to keep up with their demands, often the foundations are neglected. The mismatch between requirements and capabilities means systems lose their value. Poor data and a lack of understanding waste the potential of your SAP, Oracle, or JD Edwards ERP. Magnitude gives back control of these systems and processes. The result? Business users empowered to derive insights and intelligence from your ERP’s raw data, with less intervention from your IT team.

Turn your ERP system into a business insights engine

Enable business users to answer their own ad-hoc questions by providing real-time business insight. Take a break from managing endless requests for new data and changes to reports – focus on more strategic activities instead. This is a win-win: an easy-to-use solution for real, actionable intelligence, and automatic data reports.

Key Benefits

  • Certified integration with SAP/HANA, Oracle (EBS and OCA), and JD Edwards ERP systems.
  • Integrate with the BI tool of your choice.
  • No need for data curation, manipulation, or staging.
  • Create a self-service reporting and analytics environment for business users.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of downloads users perform into tools like Excel.
  • Minimize ongoing IT assistance and support.
  • Plug-and-play installation, low TCO, and immediate business value.
  • Improve user adoption of and satisfaction with existing ERP platforms.

Powerful automation tools to improve data management and data hygiene

Dramatically reduce ongoing costs and optimize efficiencies with Magnitude automation tools. Automate day-to-day data maintenance and migration operations between SAP and Microsoft Excel. Empower your business users with self-service capabilities to improve, cleanse, and manage data without burdening your IT organization. Magnitude’s process automation solutions were built to enable productivity and agility, even for your non-technical workforce. They also deliver simplified data management, collaboration, publishing, reporting, governance, and monitoring capabilities to everyone involved with your SAP data.

Key Benefits

  • Transfer data between Excel and SAP quickly and efficiently.
  • Upload and download SAP transactions, data, information, and reports.
  • Perform mass data creation, changes, updates, verification, and more.
  • Point-and-click interface – no programming or scripting required.
  • Works out of the box – no changes to your SAP backend.

Connect and integrate data across the enterprise

Deliver trusted, business-ready data to your users from multiple sources across the organization. Meet your governance, security, migration, transformation, and other business requirements while streamlining the entire process. Magnitude makes it simple with data connectivity, integration, and harmonization solutions that feed the right data to BI and analytics tools, data warehouses, or other downstream applications.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify and deliver access to trusted data from multiple data sources and applications so business users get answers they can act on.
  • Enable the fastest, lowest cost, and lowest risk integration of third-party data into SAP Central finance.
  • Accelerate master data integration for SAP Central Finance.
  • Migrate to the cloud or deliver integration for your data transformation initiatives – without disruption.
  • Connect and harmonize multiple source systems, combining data into Golden Copy records.
  • Model data quickly and easily based on your business environment.
  • Enable collaborative master data management for data consumers, stewards, and providers.
  • Efficiently design, build, and operate data warehouses with rapid time-to-value and seamless change management.
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