Free Your Financial Data

Help your finance team keep their finger on the pulse of business decisions

Rather than simply consolidating information at the end of each month, quarter and year, finance teams must provide insight into potential costs and revenue so decisions are made that not only delight the customer, but do so in an increasingly profitable way. Having access to financial insights such as current cash flow, costs-to-serve, and working capital situation enables businesses to make smarter commercial and supply chain decisions.

Continuous Financial Insights

The ability of Magnitude Angles to understand the financial supply chain – from vendor pricing conditions to accounts receivable – allows for finance teams to incorporate financial data from the general ledger or P&L with the myriad of transactional data from across the supply chain. This empowers finance teams with real visibility into the potential costs, working capital, and revenue situation – enabling action to be taken to ensure a profitable outcome for the business.

Magnitude Angles frees your financial data from your ERP, removing the need to download and manipulate it in tools like Excel.

Take the pain out of closing the books

From simple recurring general journal entries to allocations thousands of lines long, Magnitude Process Runner GLSU (formerly Z Option GLSU) provides a flexible, intuitive interface for SAP data entry and transaction posting directly from Microsoft Excel. Automate more than 35 SAP General Ledger, Asset, and Customer and Vendor transactions. Build templates for monthly close packages, rebates, accruals, allocations and form inputs. And easily create and customize templates with point-and-click field selection.

Key Benefits

  • Easy access to and complete transparency of the financial implications of the Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes.
  • Embedded intelligence that enables users to immediately highlight exceptions such as purchase price variances and unnecessary stock or purchase order value
  • Inbuilt DSO, DPO, and payment term realization calculations, enabling a rapid overview of payment behavior and allowing control of discounts and rebates.
  • Business users can easily and effectively analyze customer’s payment behavior, empowering them with the insight needed to make credit decisions based on facts.
  • Quickly and easily trace financial documents to their sources.
  • Freedom for finance teams to produce ad-hoc reports in minutes, tailored to specific needs, and taken directly from the latest ERP data.
  • The ability to analyze current and planned working capital, level of operating costs and planned revenues, and combine this with other data from the general ledger.
  • Understand, control, and improve the quality of financial master data across the business.
  • Reduce the number of aged debts and credit exposure risks, and the amount of unneeded working capital.
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