We Can Help You Leave A Legacy

Every business today is impacted by digital disruption. The best compete and win using the technology they deploy – the worst face losing faster than ever.

For many organizations, legacy applications and ERP systems have been built up over decades. The processes they enable are a result of considerable investment but are now seen as a mishmash of complex, hybrid IT, holding back progress. Many organizations are tackling the "ERP Innovator’s Dilemma" with Magnitude as they look to modernize and innovate their ERP systems by lift and shifting to Cloud or re-imagining how their business operates on Oracle Cloud Applications or SAP S/4HANA. Our analytics and integration platforms provide support for leading ERP platforms to help smooth transformation projects. Whether you're looking for a single pane of glass for reporting across Oracle EBS and Cloud Applications or beginning your SAP journey by migrating to S/4HANA for central finance foundation, we can help.

We can help accelerate your ERP modernization initiatives:

  • Deep process insights ensuring the post-migration state does not replicate the existing process and operational inefficiencies through process mining and bottleneck analysis
  • Automation to accelerate business data input and output associated with transformation programs
  • Ready-to-deploy application integration eliminating the need to write custom interfaces across 16 different ERP platforms and more than 60 database providers
  • SAP Solution Extensions for Transaction Replication and Data Harmonization for Central Finance Foundation, providing third-party ERP and master data integrations to speed implementations
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