Connect To Any Data Source

You need to get to market faster, increase customer adoption while driving innovation. Why spend the time and budget sourcing, maintaining, and managing ad-hoc data drivers or using APIs to deliver data access? Why divert your team to managing connectivity via multiple vendors one connection at a time?

We Invented The Standard

Make the most of your application or data platform with a data connectivity solution that’s dependable, scalable, and customizable, with connectors meticulously optimized for performance. Magnitude Simba solutions enable standards-based connectivity to your customers' data sources of choice. And they’re constantly innovated to get ahead of your customers’ future needs. We invented the ODBC standard in partnership with Microsoft 20 years ago, and we’ve been progressing the world of data connectivity ever since. Today, our technology is used by 100 percent of Gartner BI Magic Quadrant leaders.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Simba provides full range of data connectivity solutions including ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, and OLE DB. Enable customer access to big data, SaaS apps, relational databases, and unstructured data. Embed our off-the-shelf Data Connectors or power up seamless management with Simba Gateway, our connectivity platform. You can build a solution yourself or turn to us for services from connector development to test and QA.

Proven Quality & Performance

Simba protects you from vendors churning out low-quality drivers that don’t meet your security requirements, don’t adhere to standards, and are relatively unsupported. By embedding Simba into your solution, you can expose data sources of all types, getting your customers reliable access to the data they need to make business decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Speed time to market
  • Increase customer adoption & satisfaction
  • Reliably connect your BI/analytics tool, custom app, or data platform to virtually any other data source, meeting customer demands now and in the future
  • Expand your addressable market
  • Drive competitive differentiation
  • Improve cost control
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