Faster Pathways To Cloud

From improving analytics to acting on new opportunities and customer demand, the sky is the limit with cloud.

Yet many companies struggle to achieve the anticipated value from their cloud initiatives. There are many technologies to navigate, data sources can become more scattered and proprietary legacy technologies require deep expertise to enable cloud-native development. Magnitude solves these problems by with a database connectivity platform that integrates cloud data warehouses and data lakes, SaaS apps and NoSQL platforms to help you bring together data from across your hybrid cloud environments. And improve time-to-value of complex, ERP-to-the-cloud initiatives with context rich and intuitive business data models and analytics tools that provide a single pane of glass for reporting against on-premises and cloud-based core enterprise applications.

Magnitude closes the gap between aspiration and reality by:

  • Abstracting the complexity of ERP data by providing a context and process-rich business data model to develop upon
  • Providing database-agnostic connectivity between the world’s largest providers
  • Streamlining ERP cloud migrations with a unified process analytics platform for heterogeneous environments
  • Enabling downstream data lakes, BI and Machine learning algorithms with uniform, secure and intuitive access
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