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Reengineering Master Data using Magnitude Process Runner

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PRÜFTECHNIK is an innovative German company with more than 600 employees working in its corporate divisions, and subsidiaries worldwide. With extensive R&D operations PRÜFTECHNIK offers innovative solutions to customers in machine alignment, condition monitoring, and nondestructive testing. Established in 1972 by Dieter Busch, PRÜFTECHNIK is a family-owned business now under the second-generation stewardship of Dr. Sebastian Busch and serves over 70 countries.

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Process Runner is the best solution for migration with reengineering to S/4HANA.

Dr. H.-J. Schwieger



To become more agile in data operations, PRÜFTECHNIK was looking for to automate SAP data. At the same time, the team was hoping to automate processes, and allow for reengineering of master data. In 2017, PRÜFTECHNIK planned a migration to SAP S/4HANA with the Senior SAP Consultant, Dr. H.-J Schwieger, leading the migration project. Whatever tools they would choose should also help them with this project.

It was a tall order, but when a colleague of Schwieger’s recommended Magnitude Process Runner, it didn’t take long to realize this was the magic tool they were looking to acquire. They looked at other products, but, “We tested Process Runner for two weeks, then ordered a license. The choice was that simple.” PRÜFTECHNIK quickly knew they had something. In addition to enabling agile data management processes and automation, it could also be the tool to lead the reengineering efforts of the master data structure.

PRÜFTECHNIK applications range from condition monitoring, geometrical alignment over nondestructive testing to turbine alignment and vibration analysis in over a dozen industries, ranging from automotive, chemical and food & beverage, to wind and marine. The company uses SAP daily for logistics such as production planning, financials, and sales and distribution to manage the global business. Business divisions operate independently and benefit from central services of the holding company. This streamlined organizational structure allows the organization to operate efficiently in the world market. It’s also how PRÜFTECHNIK’s data management is structured.

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Migration to S/4HANA: The Big Move

Many companies are anxious to migrate to S/4HANA to take advantage of the digital world. PRÜFTECHNIK wanted to get there as well, so they planned a complete conversion of the existing SAP Business Suite system to SAP S/4HANA. To successfully implement S/4HANA on-premises edition and reap the benefits of the efficiencies, Dr. H.-J. Schwieger and his team were interested in how to do this the very best way. Questions they had in planning included: Can we gain new efficiencies across our organization with this migration to S/4HANA? Could we reengineer our master data in Excel as we uploaded the data universes into S/4HANA by using Process Runner? Could we mass reassign new numbers to all material master data with this migration? The answer in every case was a resounding 'yes'.

Schwieger described the migration to S/4HANA as a process in which what could or should have been very complex was relatively simple with Process Runner. “When we began using Process Runner to migrate to S/4HANA we had one repeated scenario that was applied to each process. It was reengineering data with our migration to S/4HANA. First, we would download the master data from SAP ERP by Process Runner. Then, using Excel, we would make the customizations and upload the new changes. For example, material master data was augmented with the MRP Process and Product Planning information. Then we’d upload the Excel tables with the re-engineered master data to S/4HANA by Process Runner through assigning new numbers to the new material master data. It’s been that simple for us,” remarks Dr. Schwieger. “Process Runner is fast, so changes occur in seconds.”

Thus far PRÜFTECHNIK has managed 50 types of transactions and over 300,000 records using Process Runner. They are continuing to find additional ways to use the solution.



PRÜFTECHNIK works with a highly sophisticated SAP Solution for PP/SD Variant Conguration. Before they started the migration, they took time to disaggregate all business processes, about 40 in total. They migrated the master data for each Variant Conguration Model separately to fully understand how it worked. The reengineering process is clearly arranged and comprehensible for everyone. Schwieger said he’s glad he took the extra time upfront to improve the processes and data. It’s made such a great difference in PRÜFTECHNIK’s business already.

“PRÜFTECHNIK did this same simple routine for around 40 common processes within our SAP team. This remarkable accomplishment within a migration process widely improved operation at PRÜFTECHNIK,” Schwieger deduced. PRÜFTECHNIK accomplished the goal set out to get the best practices and an improved reengineered set of processes. By taking this disaggregate approach and putting Process Runner at the center of new data management processes on SAP S/4HANA made it all possible.


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Magnitude has shifted the way 30+ SAP users design business processes and iteratively improve the master data management model. Previous migrations, similar in scope to S/4HANA, were very time consuming and didn’t have built-in data quality and process automation to enrich the process going forward. Before Process Runner was available, PRÜFTECHNIK didn’t have an easy way to reengineer processes through data or manage master data efficiently. Now with Magnitude, they do.

Today, the lifecycle of continuous process improvements is much shorter. The power of automation is used to help accomplish it. Magnitude solutions have allowed PRÜFTECHNIK to do migration in a portioned and detailed way. PRÜFTECHNIK’s operational team has compressed hundreds of hours of manual processing to reengineer and migrate to S/4HANA.

There has been a huge savings on the migration, and the payback on the tool has been extremely fast. The team is now able to use Process Runner to manage the hundreds of ongoing monthly business transactions that this team of 30 was performing manually. Schwieger expects the ROI on Process Runner to continue to pay dividends for months and years. PRÜFTECHNIK has managed 50 types of transactions and over 300,000 records using Process Runner. They are continuing to discover additional ways to use Process Runner.

With Process Runner managing the master data process, we feel we have the system we need for at least the next decade and beyond.

Dr. H.-J. Schwieger


PRÜFTECHNIK: On Working with Magnitude

“Magnitude’s support team is excellent and completely professional. They have an extensive knowledge of SAP ERP and Process Runner. We like how we can communicate our migration and data problems to Magnitude Support, and we always get very fast, professional feedback from the team.

"Our users love Process Runner, because they can work in Excel and get loads of data updated quickly. Process Runner and the Magnitude team have been our partners in the journey,” Schwieger said.

Over 150 people in the organization benefit from the improved efficiencies, better data quality, and the reengineered processes in S/4HANA: We expect to progress very smoothly in the future, running a day-to-day business with Magnitude for at least the next 10 years.

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