Automate SAP Financial Data Entry using Microsoft Excel

From simple recurring journal entries to allocations thousands of lines long, Magnitude's Process Runner GLSU (formerly Z Option GLSU) provides a flexible, intuitive interface for SAP data entry and transaction posting directly from Microsoft Excel. Quick to install, Process Runner GLSU immediately empowers your Finance team to work faster and smarter with powerful automations and pre-post data validation features.

Powerful Automation

Automate more than 35 SAP transactions with support for large journal entries (>1000 lines), payroll, purchase orders, P-Card, invoices, multiple currencies and cross-company entries. Streamline business processes and financial operations without adding complexity. Eliminate cumbersome manual processes and tedious tasks that consume significant time and effort.

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Flexible & Customizable

More powerful than a simple scripting tool or a home-grown data upload solution that can be limited and require IT support for changes. Easily create and customize templates in minutes with point-and-click field selection. Build templates with controls for monthly close processes and handle accruals, allocations and other types of financial processes.

Powerful Error Handling

GLSU's pre-validation feature allows enterprises to check input data against live SAP master data to warn of potential errors before posting into SAP. All errors are returned as a single report for efficient review and handling. Quickly click through and correct each error.

No Development Costs

Process Runner GLSU provides the ideal blend of features for your SAP finance team while eliminating the need for lengthy internal development life cycles, budget overruns, and excessive support costs. GLSU improves efficiency and empowers users to create their own templates without a phone call to IT.

Benefits of Process Runner GLSU

  • Use standard Excel functionality to calculate values.
  • Never re-key your general ledger entries again.
  • Validate and post with one click.
  • Minimize the chance of errors.
  • Create more detailed data in less time AND effort.
  • Quick installation — start enjoying its benefits quickly.
  • Create a new template in 60 seconds.
  • Reduce support and ongoing development costs.
  • Simplify SAP upgrades.

Never re-key another spreadsheet again

Process Runner GLSU empowers users to automate everyday business processes – without a single call to IT.

How It Works

GLSU is far more than a simple batch load program, instead using the combination of a configurable spreadsheet interface and a custom ABAP load program. The two items work together to deliver deep functionality. Customize your work space, build data-entry applications, and let GLSU check your input data against SAP master data before posting.

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The biggest selling point for GLSU is that it is Excel-based. We’re accountants, so we know Excel very well. Anytime you can give us a tool that allows us to utilize the knowledge we already have, it’s going to be a more powerful tool for us.

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