Automate Your Enterprise

Process Runner offers scalable solutions for managing Process Runner user access, improving enterprise collaboration, creating data workflows and connecting third-party databases to SAP.

Cloud automation management

IT teams and Process Runner admins can manage user access from any location with our cloud control panel. Teams using Process Runner across the enterprise can change user permissions and manage Process Runner licenses without IT support.

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Data governance and scalability

With a governance layer on top of the standard SAP security control, IT departments can easily monitor and control Process Runner user access globally across the enterprise. Allow or deny system access to specific users or set limitations on how many users can log into your production SAP system at any given time. Easily control the transaction or BAPI users can run or how many records they can update.

Monitor user activity

Easily access a graphical dashboard of how Process Runner is being used within your enterprise to spot trends within departments, or with users, systems, or processes. Process Runner's dashboard provides a graphical comprehensive overview of activities and usage patterns. View results in near real-time to get an instantaneous view of errors and exceptions to actively control and monitor data management practices.

Promote team collaboration

Share process files in the cloud, aligning team members and saving time later. Process Runner users can centrally store, publish, share, and collaborate on business processes, presentations, and best practices taking productivity to the next level

Screenshot of Process Runner EShare showing how permissions can be set to share process files

Powerful workflow designer

Process Runner’s Easy Workflow module lets you quickly build and deploy enterprise data management workflows for collaboration, routing, and approvals to ensure conformance with enterprise governance.

This solution offers full transparency into your data and your users.

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With Process Runner managing the master data process, we feel that we have the system we need for at least the next decade and beyond.

Dr. H.J. Schwieger

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