Turn Process Insights into Business Improvements

Set your business up for continuous improvement with advanced throughput time analysis, bottleneck detection, and root cause analysis, all visible in easy-to-view process graphs.

Visualize and audit a business process

Access visual diagrams that depict a business process from beginning to end. Angles Process Mining will access data from your SAP implementation to show how many cases follow the ideal flow for the given process, in addition to the number of times the process deviated from ideal state – and which activities forced the case to deviate from the ideal flow.

Detect bottlenecks

Use Angles Process Mining dashboards to find inefficient business processes and view throughput times for specific activities that might be improved in a different manner. The intuitive interface even allows you to compare business processes to better resolve inefficiencies. For example, two plants, or geographic business units, may perform the same business process with varying results. Angles Process Mining allows you to view the two processes side by side to detect activities that add delays or introduce potential conflicts.

Drill down to details

The Process Mining interface displays a high-level overview of the number of events and activities that occurred within a given process, and using data from Magnitude Angles for SAP, will allow you to find specific cases that caused a bottleneck or conflict so that specific details can be analyzed for continuous process improvement.

Benefits of Angles Process Mining

  • Immediately start driving day-to-day improvements.
  • Create action lists based on your findings and automatically schedule them daily.
  • Benchmark ideal processes and throughput times to use for future audits.
  • Understand what is really happening in your business processes and how specific activities impact your bottom line.

Start Turning Insights Into Action