Transform SAP Data Into Actionable Insights

Magnitude Angles for SAP (formerly Every Angle) transforms and enhances your critical data from SAP ERP tools (including both ECC and S/4HANA), turning it into actionable insights. It puts the power of operational analytics and business intelligence into the hands of the people who need it most – the business users.

Enable cross-process analytics

Provide a real understanding of what is going on across the business – and why it's happening – enabling business users to act swiftly to control outcomes and drive significant operational and financial improvements.

Put insights in the hands of Users

Transform complex SAP data into actionable insights, presented in everyday business language and easily searchable – allowing your users to quickly find information by searching for keywords. This freedom to perform their own analytics unleashes your team’s investigative capability, allowing them to autonomously measure performance, analyze issues, and take action.

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Tame the complexity of SAP

Angles for SAP applies a context-aware, process-rich business data model to SAP's complex data structure and simplifies into normal business terms and language users understand, empowering business users to get answers quickly. Angles' cross-process reporting breaks through the silos and combines data from multiple functions to provide insights across your business.

Intelligence for Business Intelligence

Significantly shorten the design time and delivery of insights delivered by BI tools with an easy-to-use, highly customizable reporting interface that delivers information directly to the leading enterprise BI platforms. Business users can even utilize the extensive Angles data model without the need to use the Angles UI, rather a report or dashboard can be created directly within your BI tool of choice.

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Turn data into insight, and insight into action.

  • Identify shortages and delays – and their root causes – before they are picked and shipped.
  • Understand current lead times of each stage of the supply chain process; highlight consistent delays and bottlenecks.
  • Remove wasted effort, inventory, and cash. Eliminate the need to keep creating reports and downloading and manipulating data in tools such as Excel.
  • Identify unnecessary purchases and production, slow-moving items, obsolete inventory, stock claimed by polluted orders, dead stock, etc.
  • Control risks and process compliance issues such as Segregation of Duty.
  • Remove inventory you don’t need, highlight purchases that can be delayed, and reduce part shipments, late payments, expedites and overtime, and more.
  • Increase acceptance and trust of SAP and its data quality, facilitating greater trust in reports, and less time reconciling results.
  • Gain flexibility in compiling dashboards and reports in BI tools.
  • Refresh Angles data in your third-party tool, even Excel, quickly and easily.
  • Available as full-service Angles Cloud solution for scale, resilience, and turnkey ownership.

Drive Business Decisions With a Feature-Rich Tool

Angles for SAP allows you to empower your business decisions with governed data discovery and self-service analytics.

How it Works

Angles for SAP works ‘’plug-and-play” on any SAP ERP, including both ECC and S/4HANA, to collect and prepare data so it is suitable for reporting. It understands context, connections, and integrations, and it simplifies data for business users. It then creates insights into what is happening at an operational level right now and in the near future by enriching the data with pre-built supply chain and finance calculations, on a transaction level (execution status, order bottlenecks) and in the form of operational KPIs (delivery reliability, stock level).

These insights create answers to business questions. Insights can then be published directly or distributed by being pushed to or pulled by third-party BI tools.

SAP Insights Are Just a Click Away

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Angles for SAP allows us to completely think differently.

Dr. Thomas Ganz

Head of Supply Chain Management Optics, Jenoptik