Trusted data across your business. It's simpler than you think.

Feed harmonized, governed, golden copy data to your BI, data warehouse or downstream applications for better - and faster - decision making. With a single master data management solution, Magnitude Kalido MDM, you can define and model critical business information from any domain - customer, product, financial, vendor, supplier, location and more - to create and manage accurate, integrated, and governed data business users trust.

Modeling Constructs Support Real-World Business Environments

Model as many domains as you need in a single solution. Magnitude's domain-agnostic modeling, matching, and harmonization capabilities reduce manual stewardship and accelerate the integration of data from multiple sources so you can make better business decisions.

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Business Information Model-driven Automation

Drive better outcomes by reducing the communication and collaboration gap between IT and the business. The Kalido Business Information Modeler (BIM) is a visual modeling interface that enables business users to participate in developing requirements and modeling data. It allows you to use business language to build the model, then deploy the model to the database and build the Kalido MDM instance at the click of a button.

Collaborative Master Data Management

Audience-specific interfaces provide active, role-based involvement for data consumers, data stewards and data providers. A sophisticated workflow and model-driven API enable real-time collaboration. Policy-driven governance provides for executive involvement.

Combine Data from Multiple Sources into Golden Copy

Data from multiple sources can be combined into an integrated, unambiguous, harmonized ‘golden copy’ record. It shows the lineage of your data and the source from which it’s obtained. You define the rules and weightings that automate the harmonization process.

Customizable Business Interfaces

Our MDM Workbench, an API toolkit, leverages the Kalido business-model-driven API so developers can rapidly build custom, audience-, and task-specific interfaces to meet every business need.

Delivers Trusted Data Across the Enterprise

Running your business and analyzing results with accurate and consistent data is paramount. It becomes difficult, often impossible, to effectively run your business if the data used is inaccurate, inconsistent, or out of date across your business applications. Kalido MDM delivers accurate, consistent, and current golden copy data for your analytical and operational needs.

Manage & govern data for your specific business requirements

  • Modeling constructs support real-world business environments.
  • True multi-domain capabilities integrate all domains into a single model, allowing support for cross-domain relationships.
  • Visual modeling tool simplifies validation and integrity rules.
  • Visually model common and obscure domains without costly customizations.
  • Audience-specific interfaces provide active, role-based involvement.
  • Valid data is automatically published and made available to downstream systems.
  • Invalid data is routed to data stewards for correction and improvement.
  • A sophisticated workflow and model-driven API enable real-time collaboration.
  • The Workbench API toolkit enables rapid development of custom interfaces and applications.
  • Automated matching, harmonization, and survivorship reduce manual stewardship.
  • Change management capabilities support a master data lifecycle.
  • Dashboards provide quick visibility into Kalido MDM data.
  • Access from mobile devices, browsers, analytical and operational applications.
  • Audit, validation, and security are managed seamlessly.
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Kalido [MDM] distinguished itself from the competitors. The Kalido Information Engine is a complete information management platform that best fit our MDM, data warehousing and data quality requirements.

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