A Faster, Business-Driven Route to the Data Warehouse

If you think a data warehouse has to take years to build, cost millions, and will struggle to keep pace with your evolving business needs, think again. Magnitude Kalido DIW is a Dynamic Information Warehouse that makes it easy for IT and business users to collaborate and automate the design, build, and operation of a data warehouse. As a result, your business teams receive the data they need for analysis and decision-making faster, in an environment that is much simpler to maintain and iterate with constant, business-driven change.

Business Information Model-driven Automation

Business users participate in developing the requirements and modeling the data, reducing the communication and collaboration gap between IT and the business. This is accomplished through the Kalido Business Information Modeler (BIM), a visual modeling interface that uses business language to build the model, while also allowing you to deploy the model to the database and build the data warehouse at the click of a button.

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Rapid and Iterative Prototyping

Models can be easily modified when gathering initial requirements. They can also be extended or changed over time. This iterative prototyping capability rapidly captures current requirements, increases flexibility and responsiveness, and accelerates time-to-value, and reducing overall project risk and cost.

Automation for Faster Time-to-Value

Automated end-to-end design, build, and operation minimizes manual effort and significantly reduces dependencies on ETL tools for data integration tasks, lowering costs and accelerating time-to-value. Integrated workflow-driven master data stewardship and governance delivers the highest quality data.

Seamless Change Management

Easily update models and automation tasks to meet new requirements, such as new data sources, or as the result of re-organizations and M&A activity, so the warehouse remains up to date. Corporate memory capability enables views into the data as of any point in time for easy time-variant comparison and analysis.

Top-Down, Model-Driven Kalido DIW Delivers Faster Time-to-Value

  • Data warehouse automation enables rapid time-to-value
  • Business model-driven approach helps IT and the business gather user requirements, and prototype, iterate and deploy quickly
  • Modeling constructs support real-world business environments
  • Automates the creation and life cycle management of enterprise data warehouses
  • Integrates data from multiple sources, powering both operational and strategic reporting
  • Built to handle business change, even during periods of major upheaval
  • Keeps track of history so business users can do as of and before and after time-based comparisons

Design, build and operate data warehouses—FAST

Regain control of IT costs, improve data consistency, and enhance your ability to uncover business insights.

How it Works

Our data warehouse automation solution, Kalido DIW, enables customers to deploy and maintain a data warehouse much faster, easier and in alignment with your business than traditional data integration methods. Automation, agility, and speed are the hallmarks of our technology.

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Kalido gives Imperial Brands an advantage in that each of our data warehouse projects can be small, and at reasonable cost and timeline.

Daniel Dickinson

Manager of Business Intelligence for Sales and Marketing Group IS, Imperial Brands