Data Access Made Simple. Secure. Scalable.

As the pioneers of data connectivity, we're always laser-focused on bringing new innovations to market. With Magnitude Simba Gateway, we’ve reengineered our connectivity solutions to provide simplified access to multiple data sources, eliminating the fragmented effort of data source driver acquisition and maintenance - enabling real-time insights from your data.

Bridge the gap between your front-end applications and back-end data sources

Simba Gateway delivers unified access to your operational and analytical data wherever it resides. Our connectivity-as-a-service platform provides unique connectivity capabilities, allowing data users and technical teams to securely manage connectivity among multiple applications and data sources - on demand. That might mean connecting Google Adwords, Facebook, Eloqua, and Amazon Marketplace to PowerBI, or ensuring your BI tool of choice can access data from your graph database and cloud data platform.

Reliably access your growing universe of data

When you rely on trusted data from one or more sources to fuel your business applications, trust Simba Gateway to ensure data is there where you need it today and tomorrow. Our ever-expanding portfolio of data connectors means we're in line with your infrastructure changes.

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Unify data connectivity management

Make the most of IT’s time by putting a stop to ad hoc data connectivity. Give them back their time to focus on your core business by minimizing deployment, configuration, and ongoing maintenance costs of data connectivity. Users can easily select what they need and get up and running quickly.

Control access, keep data safe, and meet governance expectations

With the Simba Gateway platform, data access is governed centrally. Performance, security, and scale are designed from the get-go, and it’s all delivered with real-time data federation.

Get the updates you need, without fuss

We maintain the latest application and database/data platform features and capabilities. Make the most of our expertise with the near-zero maintenance of our Simba platform, connectivity delivered as a service.

Benefits of Simba

  • Bolster your ability to react quickly to change. Make data readily available so your business users can understand, decide, and act.
  • Minimize and mitigate the negative impact of data silos with a reliable, trusted, standards-based connectivity solution from the people who invented ODBC with Microsoft.
  • Increase return on investment in BI/analytic tools, databases, data platforms, and data lakes.
  • Meet the needs of any infrastructure including cloud apps, NoSQL sources, Big Data, and traditional relational sources.
  • Experience frictionless data integration and connectivity by leveraging the industry choice for standards-based solutions.

More Real-Time Data. Less IT Burden.

Simba Gateway allows you to easily and consistently deliver user access to multiple data sources.

How it Works

Start Making Reliable Data Access Easy