Simba Managed Services

Data connectors are a vital feature of data-driven applications, while building, testing, and maintaining those drivers often lie outside a team’s core competencies. Engage with our Simba Managed Services team for a flexible, high-touch way to solve the burden and complexity of data connectivity.

How We Help

Integration & Testing Services

Streamline delivery of robust connectivity to the broadest possible range of data sources.

  • Development services place Simba experts directly into your development, quality and release cycles.
  • Automated testing can be expanded by enhancing your existing test suites or building custom ones.
  • Certification services verify compatibility with specific versions of data sources and regulatory frameworks.

SDK-Licensed Development & Testing

Outsource driver development and testing entirely or augment your team.

  • Driver development across standards and languages using the same SDK that Simba engineers use internally.
  • Increased product focus helps teams innovate freely while Simba does the heavy lifting on drivers.
  • Faster time to market leverages the SDK and Simba expertise to flatten the learning curve.

Driver Customization Managed Services

Make it easier and more cost-effective to meet specialized data-connectivity requirements.

  • Specialized expertise from Simba that most teams lack in-house ensures top-quality data driver functionality.
  • Unique requirements can enhance functionality and security with existing Simba drivers.
  • License and branding flexibility enable transparent redistribution compared to open-source drivers.

Engineering Services

Enlist Simba to help build or maintain connectors for any data source.

  • Simplicity and cost savings build on existing custom drivers without recoding or porting.
  • Transparent maintenance for customer-developed drivers lets your developers focus on your product.
  • Multiple standards include ODBC, JDBC, and OLEDB.

Grab some quality time with our solutions engineers to help you assess your connectivity needs.

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Magnitude's highly collaborative approach helped us achieve our enterprise milestone to release new products and features with quick turnaround. Their engineers really cared about the success of our product. We wanted a good partnership and really good connectivity software and we got both.