Connectivity Solutions for the Enterprise

Effective strategic and operational decision-making requires access to real-time data. Trusted business decisions depend on it yet creating that link can be expensive – consuming specialized resources and time.

Magnitude Simba provides data connectivity and integration solutions to deliver the right data in usable form to feed your business intelligence and visualization tools, so it’s easy to access the data you need, when you need it. No more exporting, no more outdated data – just easy access to the right data, in real time, regardless of where it resides. Find out which solution is right for your needs.

Solutions for the Data-Driven Enterprise

Data Connectors

Magnitude Simba provides a complete portfolio of standards-based connectors for today’s most common analytics and BI applications (and more!). Easily access data and link with legacy and next-generation tools and applications. We build connectors to current standards with reliability, scale, and security... so you don't have to.
Plus, if you require extra features, no problem, we can customize our data connectors to fit your needs.

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Managed Services

Data connectors are a vital feature of data-driven applications, while building, testing, and maintaining those drivers often lie outside a team’s core competencies.Engage with our Simba Managed Services team for a flexible, high-touch way to solve the burden and complexity of data connectivity.

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two senior level staff at hospital walk down hallway

With the Simba Data Connector, the pediatric hospital’s entire medical and research team quickly gained real-time access to trusted data from Netezza. This enables timely, critical analysis that informs immediate and future patient treatment.


Children's Hospital Oncology Division