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Analyze, Automate & Integrate

Data lakes shouldn't be data landfills. We help the world's leading enterprises unlock the value of their data as competitive advantage.

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Discover the Value of Your Data

Turn Data into Insights

Transform existing data into insights that can be used to make important business decisions.

Process Analytics

Turn Insights into Action

Automate SAP management right from Excel so you can focus on other critical tasks.

Process Automation

Data Anywhere

Eliminate constraints on your data with thousands of connection points and frictionless integration.

Data Connectivity

A Single Source of Truth

Integrate data across the enterprise to ensure a single source of truth and enable better decision-making.

Data Integration

Process Analytics

Business is more complex and data-driven than ever. We use the power of data to help you discover how your business is actually running. And we help you find and fix inefficiencies, so even your most complex business processes run smoothly.

Angles for SAP

Simplify complex SAP data so it's understood by business users, not just SAP specialists and IT data scientists.

Angles for Oracle

Enable business users to analyze processes cross-functionally and reveal business insights across the entire value chain.

Angles Process Mining

Get insights into advanced throughput time analysis, bottleneck detection, and root cause analysis with easy-to-read process graphs.

Value-Added Services

Maximize business value — from implementation to expansion — from your investment in Magnitude Angles and your ERP platform.

Angles for SAP allows us to completely think differently.


Head of Supply Chain Management Optics, Jenoptik

Process Automation

Upload and download data between SAP and Excel – without writing a single line of code. It works out of the box, without needing any changes to your SAP system.

Process Runner

Turn Microsoft Excel into your data management cockpit for SAP with no-code transaction automation, powerful data management, and flexible workflow features.

Process Runner Enterprise

Leverage Process Runner across your business with simplified data management, collaboration, publishing, reporting, governance, and monitoring capabilities.

Process Runner GLSU

Simplify data entry and automate transactions from Microsoft Excel to SAP through an intuitive interface that helps your finance team work smarter and faster.

We are extremely pleased with the level of accuracy, speed of data transfer and the robustness of Process Runner and will be offering this solution to other SAP customers.



Data Connectivity

Cut through the complexity, and get to your trusted business data. Magnitude gives you simple, real-time access to your data across all your sources to make critical business decisions.

Simba SDK

Reduce cost, complexity, risks, and time-to-market by developing your own custom driver with the same kit our engineering team uses to develop Simba drivers.

Simba Data Connectors

Easily connect any data source to your business intelligence with reliability, scale, and security.

Simba enables Galvanize to provide streamlined access to any data source so our customers can perform super-powered analysis without the distraction of trying to get to the data.


VP Product, Galvanize

Data Integration

Better manage and integrate your data with solutions from transaction replication and data harmonization for SAP Central Finance to master data and product information management.


Enable the fastest, lowest cost, and lowest risk integration of third-party data into SAP Central Finance.

Kalido MDM

Model, manage, and govern reference data and master data, across domains.

Kalido DIW

Build and maintain a data warehouse much faster and easier than traditional hand-coding approaches.


Anticipate every customer need and satisfy every want in a competitive climate where introduction times for new products have virtually vanished.

Magnitude SourceConnect has proven its ability to help solve complexities of integrating third-party data sources into SAP S/4HANA for central finance foundation and has the potential to vastly accelerate implementations for businesses.


Senior Vice President, General Manager, Head of Line of Business Finance, SAP