OEM and Redistribution License

If you would like to make Simba ODBC/JDBC drivers available for your customers as part of your application, you need to obtain an OEM or Redistribution License. Licensing agreement includes redistribution rights, support, maintenance and regular driver upgrades. The drivers could be branded and localized to meet your requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide immediate access to data for your customers, without development or maintenance costs
  • Allow your customers to use their favorite BI and analytics tools to access your data
  • Improve interoperability and integration of your data source with the vast array of systems and applications
  • Take advantage of the best-in-class compatibility with supported data sources and the leading BI tools
  • Simplify working with unstructured non-SQL data by complementing any data source or SaaS application with ANSI SQL-92 capability, intelligent schema auto-discovery, provisioning, and customization
  • Improve query performance and the number of supported concurrent users on the same hardware by utilizing Simba high-performance client-server protocol
  • Free up internal resources to work on your core product, not on implementation and maintenance of standard data access specifications.

Request more information on how we can deliver a white label/OEM solution in record time.

Tableau Software said ‘We want to release a Mac Spark driver in short order.’ So we called Simba. Even Tableau was surprised they could deliver both the Windows and Mac drivers at launch. The fact that we could make something like that happen quickly … was terrific.

Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji


See also

  • If you are a Software Vendor with an application, we provide data access that connects your application to the data source of choice.
  • If you have custom requirement for the driver or need to implement a driver for a data source or SaaS application not currently supported by Simba, you can build a custom driver using Simba SDK.

We build connectors to current standards with reliability, scale, and security ... so you don't have to.