Salesforce Adapter for SAP® Data Services

Enables access directly to data, without extraction, via Salesforce’s native web services API

Current Versions All Supported Platforms | 14.2.19

OEM & Distribution
  • CRM & ERP
  • SAP

Deliver scalability, full application functionality, and live analytic capabilities to users. Built upon the Simba SDK framework, the Magnitude Simba Salesforce Adapter for SAP Data Services powers comprehensive analytics and reporting by leveraging Simba’s experience and knowledge working with

The Simba Salesforce Adapter for SAP Data Services delivers the full functionality of SAP DS and SQL, while passing down supported operations to Salesforce for increased performance thanks to Simba’s built-in Collaborative Query Execution (CQE) feature. This CQE pass-down allows the adapter and Salesforce to collaborate dynamically on the execution of SQL queries, eliminating redundant processing and passing on performance gains to users.


  • Pass down Performance Optimization for Projection, Filters, Joins
  • Support for Salesforce Bulk API: Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete
  • Improved metadata browsing performance
  • Improved subscription/checkpointing support for Changed Data Capture
  • Improved user interface descriptions
  • Utilizes the DS adapter API which allows for bulk processing making it faster and reducing Salesforce API calls
  • Improved Autocorrect Loads (upserts) with External ID fields
  • Improved binary data support
  • Improved handling of partial field mapping into target tables.
  • Improved troubleshooting abilities for uploading documents


Supports latest version of Salesforce API version 52
Supports SAP Data Services version SP14
Supports multiple platforms, including Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, or 2012 R2 (64-bit AMD/Intel); SUSE Linux SLES 11 (64-bit AMD/Intel); SUSE RedHat EL 5 or 6 (64-bit AMD/Intel); IBM AIX 6.1 or 7.1 (POWER); Solaris 10 or 11 (SPARC)
Support for TLS 1.2.


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