LinkedIn ODBC & JDBC Driver

Simply and easily enable standard SQL-92 access directly to LinkedIn data,- without extraction - via LinkedIn’s native web services API

Current Versions JDBC 1.7.3 | Gateway (ODBC & JDBC) 1.6.32

OEM & Distribution
  • DB Visualizer
  • Excel
  • Looker
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Microstrategy
  • Other JDBC
  • Other ODBC
  • PowerBI
  • SAP
  • Sisense
  • Tableau

Magnitude Simba ODBC and JDBC connectors for LinkedIn enable standard SQL-92 access directly to LinkedIn data, without extraction, via LinkedIn’s native web services Application Programming Interface (API).

Enable full application functionality and real-time analytic capabilities to LinkedIn users, access LinkedIn via SQL from Excel, Tableau, Power BI or your BI tool of choice for your marketing reporting.

LinkedIn stores data in structures that do not follow the rules of data typing and structure that apply to traditional relational tables and columns. Because traditional ODBC and JDBC toolsets might not support these data structures, the data needs to be mapped to a relational form. To achieve this, Simba LinkedIn ODBC and JDBC connectors use schema tables to map the LinkedIn data to a format that is compatible with ODBC and JDBC.


  • Direct BI connectivity to data without extraction.
  • Provides full connectorconnector and query metadata
  • Adds aggregation and join capabilities for queries
  • Full compatibility with leading analytic tools like SQuirreL SQL


Supports LinkedIn V2.0 API
Supports 32- and 64-bit applications
Supports multiple platforms, including Windows, ubuntu and Mac OS X
Supports OAuth2.0 authentication
Connector compiles with JDBC 4.2 data standards


User Guides, Release Notes, and FAQs.

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