Translating Data into Insights with Magnitude

A recent SAPinsider survey reveals that 75% of respondents’ organizations use or plan to use self-service #analytics for operational performance – but how do you quickly act to address those insights?

SAPinsider’s research analyst Pierce Owen recently sat down with our Simon West, CMO and Darren Pierce, CTO, to exchange ideas on the future of analytics and automation for ERP systems.

Many business users can quickly find issues in their data thanks to analytics tools, but it can then take an inordinate amount of time for them to clean or redefine master data or clean up polluted sales or purchase orders.

The article specifically highlights a Magnitude customer success story:

“A major beer producer in Europe had inaccurate and outdated sales and purchase orders in its ERP systems. This messed up MRP runs because the MRP process allocated inventory for the polluting orders. The beer producer now uses Magnitude Angles for SAP (formerly Every Angle) operational analytics to identify the polluted orders and can clean them up with minimal effort with Magnitude Process Runner. This means that the ERP systems can run MRP processes much more predictably and accurately, and it has cleaned up inventory with less dead stock.”

By integrating operational analytics with process automation, organizations can quickly react to insights unsurfaced by analytics and address issues.

Read the full article on SAPinsider’s platform for guidance on key trends in self-service operational analytics and automated data management within SAP, including:

  • Implementing self-service analytics tools
  • Evaluating the different applications and potential value of analytics and automation
  • Integrating operational analytics with process automation

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