Top Three Take Aways from Angles for SAP’s R2020 SP2 Release (Plus One)

R2020 SP2

Magnitude Angles for SAP (formerly Every Angle) recently announced the release of R2020 SP2, which continues the tradition of adding significant enhancements and features to the product’s industry leading platform for gaining SAP insights throughout the year. This exciting release include product enhancements that will enable business users to be more proactive about taking control of their SAP data than ever, including the new Process Automation Pack.

Angles for SAP provides end-to-end understanding and transparency across your SAP value chain; enriching organizations with actionable insight to understand, control and improve the performance of SAP.

However, turning those insights into corrective actions within SAP can be a tedious, labor-intensive task subject to human error. A business user must have intimate knowledge of the intricacies of SAP – and ensure that every keystroke is made meticulously without typos.

To improve this process, the Process Automation Pack allows any user to automatically commit changes to SAP based on wisdom gained from viewing data within an Angle.

Instead of manually making changes directly in SAP, Angles for SAP will export an Angle into a predefined Excel file, allowing you to approve any changes directly within Excel and apply them automatically to SAP in one go.

The Process Automation Pack comes pre-packaged with select scenarios allowing users to commit changes to SAP without writing a single line of code, enabling your organization to:

  1. Reduce errors that lead to decreased data quality within SAP
  2. Improve the efficiency of commonly used processes
  3. Effectively take advantage of insights gained from Angles for SAP

There are, of course, other features included in SP2 that add significant value for both business and IT leaders:

  • Improve Processes and Generate Insights
    The primary focus of Angles for SAP has always been to provide you with tools to understand your SAP data better and use that insight to improve your business. SP2 solidifies that trend with new objects and content aimed at helping you better understand a customer’s tax classification or specific contract terms, simplify the dunning process, ensure that you have unexpired stock available when you need it, and pre-packaged templates for both operational and performance dashboards, amongst much more.
  • Get More from Your User Interface

    Our previous release introduced a new and streamlined UI, allowing you greater flexibility to create and work your reports with ease. This release builds on that progress by providing your users with tools to use Angles more effectively.

    Significantly, two additions to the UI were added in SP2. The first introduces Tags to help you more effectively organize your Angles, and the second allows you to view only the Private Displays of an Angle that belong to you, should you choose, instead of seeing all of the displays created for that Angle across your company.

  • Improve the Performance of Data Exports
    One of the most used features of Angles for SAP is the ability to export data from the system to a SQL database to maintain historical data or for operational usage. When the procedure is performed daily, however, you can easily cause performance issues when the storage is in the cloud or a data lake, increase the time necessary to complete the export, or, even cost your organization money when you export redundant or duplicate data consistently. That is why Angles for SAP will now only export data that is either net new or changed from the data stored in the target database – saving you time and money and ensuring that the quality of your data set is not compromised.

Author: Product Marketing Leader at Magnitude