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For most organizations, prioritizing tech projects can be a never-ending task filled with opinions from department leaders, changemakers and influencers across the organization. The competing priorities often lead to many projects being outsourced to expensive consultants or development teams. This is often the case when it comes to SAP data management. Many organizations turn to consultants to analyze, manage and update their data when internal teams are spread too thin or don’t have the training to work with SAP.

However, there are tools that allow enterprises to harness their SAP data in house while connecting directly with programs that most employees are familiar with. Instead of turning to expensive outside consultants, let’s discuss how in-house software that works directly with SAP can help your organization.

Why so many firms turn to outsourcing

As we’ve discussed in our blog on automating SAP data uploads, much of SAP data entry relies on manual processes or the IT team building a one-time upload tool specific to that data set. These methods can lead to three scenarios that aren’t conducive for the long term.

  • Using a salaried employee’s time to manually enter SAP data is usually slow and tedious. Even the most SAP-enthusiastic employees are likely to get tired of manual entry.
  • SAP certified employees are valuable resources who should be leveraged for things like data analysis, not time consuming data entry.

  • Even the most careful employees trained in SAP are bound to make mistakes. Manual data entry is incredibly error prone.

So, most companies look for faster ways to get the work done and get the task off their plate. This is often through a consultancy that has SAP capabilities. Companies without trained SAP employees are likely to go to an expert firm instead of utilizing internal resources. Even if a company already has a team of SAP-trained employees, the demands and data needs of the organization can often be too high to manage without outsourcing or automation.

Make any employee an SAP super user

While it is tempting for companies to outsource their SAP workload, it strips organizations of control and makes them reliant on another company to make sure data is managed correctly. SAP data automation software, like Magnitude’s Process Runner, can handle complex data sets by turning Microsoft Excel into your data management cockpit, allowing business users to run Tcodes, BAPIs, GUI Scripting and Data Extractor technology. Most employees are familiar with Excel, allowing any employee with some Excel knowledge to easily learn Process Runner’s ability to connect Excel to SAP.

Process Runner offers four SAP technologies in one tool:

SAP data automation software - Process Runner
  1. Transaction (TX) allows users to create, manage and change master and transactional data. With TX, Process Runner users can unload and download from SAP. This mass transaction tool allows for greater capabilities, increasing the speed that a business user can upload to SAP.
  2. The Business API & RFM (BA) tool allows uploads and downloads from SAP, handling very complex objects and not dependent on screens with powerful performance efficiency.
  3. Gui Scripting (GS) allows users to upload to SAP, handling more advanced control objects and creating automation scripts. It includes a find and replace functionality in order to quickly correct complex errors and make updates.
  4. Data Extractor (DE) can extract from SAP tables into Excel or text. This allows business users to use Excel’s filter features to easily extract selected records from SAP.

These tools allow organizations to not only take control of their SAP data management, but they also save companies money. With the average SAP consultancy charging about $150 per hour, the savings by bringing capabilities in house can quickly add up to thousands per week.

Agile and easy to use

In addition to the four SAP technology integrations, Process Runner has 1,900+ ready-to-run, no-code automation templates for all the major SAP modules. Users are able to download templates from Magnitude’s cloud library in order to automate purchase orders, sales orders, networks, materials, vendors, customers, and hundreds of other popular processes. These templates make it even easier to use Process Runner, eliminating the need to record and map processes. The templates include an Excel file and automation script fully recorded and mapped. This enables more business users to use Process Runner and, ultimately, SAP to manage enterprise data.

Hiring a consultant to handle all SAP data weakens your organization’s internal capabilities while increasing expenses. Instead, investing in automation software that makes SAP data management faster and easier for more users throughout an enterprise saves employees time, allows for immediate time savings, and creates better internal data management.

Automate SAP Data Faster With Process Runner