Streamline SAP Business Processes with Robotic Process Automation

Across industries, businesses share the imperative to drive greater efficiencies into their processes, with the goal of improving profitability as well as sharpening their competitive edge. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an example of the growing enterprise focus on improving such legacy systems and infrastructure. In fact, a recent Voice of the Customer study by 451 Research found RPA to be one of the top four areas for technology investment in 2020, with 40% of respondents reporting their intent to increase spending on RPA technologies.

As an industry leader, Magnitude is deeply conversant with the front-line business environment occupied by SAP users, including the types of tasks they face and the associated challenges and opportunities. That immersion in the business needs of SAP users is what inspired the Magnitude Process Runner RPA Tool Set, a native platform for automating routine SAP processes. The tool set includes more than 1,600 built-in templates—considerably more than anyone else in the industry—to execute predefined work on production SAP platforms.

In the white paper, Streamline SAP Business Processes with Robotic Process Automation

we break down how RPA helps modernize business operations, optimized by a unique level of advanced technologies specifically created for SAP.

Key topics:

  • Identifying the processes that require routine tasks that occupy significant human capital
  • How RPA automates repetitive jobs using software “bots” that carry out tasks in the same way a human would
  • Developing an RPA practice and selecting the right platform
  • Insights from a real Magnitude Process Runner RPA customer success story

RPA digitally transforms the way businesses operate by eliminating repetitive, error-prone tasks so employees can apply themselves to higher-value work. Process Runner RPA incorporates an extensive range of SAP-specific technologies that make the tool set more powerful and easier to use – all built for business users acting independent of IT.

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