Overview of All New R2020 Features

Every Angle R2020

Overview of all new R2020 features

We’re super excited to share that the new R2020 release is now available! In this version, we enhanced a lot of new features in the area of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Quality Management, Physical Inventory Documents and Finance & Controlling. In this blog an overview of all newly added features.


We’ve updated EA4GRC with an additional 71 controls, providing you now with a total of 142 predefined analytic controls! We have made the following main additions:

  • Extended Purchase, Sales and Finance with additional controls on Master Data , Process and Segregation of Duties;
  • New configuration and Fraud analytics controls;
  • New Production and IT controls.

Quality Management

We have made five new additions to the Quality Management object model (QM).

Inspection Result

The object Inspection Result shows the value of the outcome of the inspection. The field ‘Result Valuation’ shows additional information whether the result can be considered as good, bad or warning (in case the lot is accepted, yet very close to the quality boundaries).

Inspection Point

This new object makes it possible to show how many inspection points per quality inspection lot exist; a more detailed analysis is possible by adding the fields on rejected, accepted or non-valuated inspection points.

Material Specification

In QM, it’s possible to inspect based on an inspection plan, but it’s also possible to inspect using Material Specifications that are valid on a company wide basis. In contrast to the inspection plan, the material specification is a specification that you can use for all plants, that is easier to maintain, and that can replace or supplement a plant-specific inspection plan.

In QM, it’s possible to record results on an aggregated level (Inspection Result) and on a more detailed level (Sample Result). To be able to analyze on a more detailed level, the new objects ‘Sample Result’ and ‘Physical Sample’ are now available.

Sample Result

The inspection result is a process to record, valuate and close inspection results. This can be done for physical samples, individual samples and inspection points. When you valuate inspection characteristics or partial samples, you determine whether the predefined quality requirements have been met. The results provide the basis for making the usage decision, and they are used to

automatically determine the sample scope for future inspections. A successful valuation is a prerequisite for closing a characteristic or a partial sample.

Physical Sample

The sample management component in SAP supports the inspection processes with functions for drawing, inspecting and managing physical samples in quality inspection. The physical sample is a formal sample with an unique ID. Physical samples can be created manually or can be the outcome of a sample drawing procedure.

Physical Inventory Document

Two new objects have been added to show relevant details on your inventory counting process. Physical inventory is a process to determine if there are any differences in quantity of stock and quantity registered in the SAP-system. Basically, after you’re finished with the physical inventory your system and physical stock levels needs to be the same. The new objects ‘Physical Inventory Document Header’ and ‘Physical Inventory Document Item’ are now available.

Below a few examples of insights these objects can give:

  • Counting differences per plant/warehouse/location/material
  • Status of physical inventory: not yet counted/counted/adjusted
  • Differences posted (yes/no)
  • Counted by .. /adjusted by

Finance & Controlling

We’ve added the possibility to create exception reporting on Controlling Goods Issued (COGI). The SAP COGI transaction (Postprocess Faulty Goods Movements) is used to identify and correct these error system records in case of automatic goods movements. These errors need to be resolved as soon as possible to prevent the risk of inefficiencies or errors in the stock keeping process. A new Every Angle object, Good Movements with Errors, has been added to Every Angle to show you all the error system records which are present in SAP.

We have summarized all of the above on our product page. In case you’d like to upgrade to R2020, please contact your Account Manager or submit the form on our contact page