How to Optimize Your SAP Central Finance Deployment to Maximize Performance and Value

Many enterprises with complex ERP landscapes look to SAP S/4HANA Central Finance to pull transactions and data together to streamline and transform finance. However, building your own software to integrate and consolidate transactions and data can be complex and costly, and it involves long-term timelines and ongoing project lifecycles.

To unlock the full value and capabilities of central finance – without the expense, effort, and risk of ongoing custom development, businesses can now turn to our Magnitude offering that’s co-innovated with SAP.

The SAP® Central Finance Transaction Replication application by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA® speeds up the integration of third-party ERP systems and SAP solutions. Specifically, the application connects and normalizes transactions from third-party sources in real time and provides visibility of non-SAP operational details to help you make the most of the SAP S/4HANA solution for central finance.

Download the SAP Solution in Detail guide for insights on optimizing your central finance deployment to maximize performance and value and uncover the benefits from our solution.

Among the key benefits:

  • Facilitate and accelerate data integration for SAP Central Finance
  • Simplify your approach to integrating transactional data with a proven advanced application
  • Reduce the cost, risk, and effort of building your own custom integration software
  • Enable flexible, intelligent finance operations

Read the SAP Solution in Detail

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