New Year, New Magnitude

  • Life at Magnitude

It’s a big day for us today here at Magnitude, and one we’ve been working toward for some time. I’m delighted to unveil our new website, which brings together our software and solutions under a common digital experience, designed to help you more easily learn about our products, both individually and as solution sets with enterprise scope, and about our company, culture and customers. Our team has been hard at work on this for the last few months and we’re thrilled to get it out in the wild.

We’ve also simplified and streamlined our product brands, bringing our process analytics and process automation product lines together under the Angles and Process Runner brands as one example, to better reflect the complimentary nature of these offerings and help provide a consistent experience. For those of you who are familiar with our previous brands, we’ve put together a handy cheat sheet to help map old to new.

Finally, we’ve got a sharp new logo and a whole new style. We’re passionate about what we do at Magnitude, and as we discussed our brand, solutions and culture internally, one of the consistent themes was a sense of excitement about how our products can help the world’s largest companies unlock the power of their enterprise data as continuous intelligence to help better run their businesses. Some people think ERP systems are boring things – “legacy systems,” if you will. We couldn’t disagree more. These systems contain the data that is the life’s blood of any business; the data that turns raw material into finished product, prospects into customers, orders into cash. Data has the power to amaze and illuminate, and the analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence sectors are among the most innovative areas of technology today.

We were built on a vision of helping create those “eureka” moments when data reveals insight, and our goal was to design a brand identity that captures and communicates this combination of innovation and wonder. To support it we’ve built a crisp, contemporary design system of color, typography and illustration to support marketing and brand communications as well as to elevate and enhance the customer experience across our products and services.

The video below was how we unveiled our new look to the team, and we’re proud to share it with you. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram if you’re not already, and we look forward to seeing you out in the world in the very near future, because we’ve got some great swag ready to hand out at the next conference.