New Product Release: Magnitude Angles for SAP R2020 SP4 is generally available now

Supply and Demand matching algorithm, quality process performance and more help transform and enhance your SAP data, turning insight into action for business users

  • Data-Driven Enterprise
  • Process Mining and Analytics

Incorporate multiple data sources into your Supply and Demand Matching algorithm

Magnitude Angles for SAP provides unique levels of supply chain insight and intelligence ready to use via Supply and Demand Matching logic that highlights bottlenecks, delays, shortages, excesses, etc. The Supply and Demand algorithm uses actual available stock, planned receipt and actual & future material requirements data to calculate an expected distribution of stock.

Your analysis may be incomplete if you rely solely on data from your SAP ERP system. Many organizations use planning data in planning optimization systems, like SAP APO, which is an integral part of Supply and Demand matching calculations. To address this inconsistency and provide our customers with a better tool to plan for supply and demand, Angles for SAP can now integrate planning data that is not stored in an SAP ERP to create custom Supply / Demand matching algorithms that will display a more holistic overview of both external planning/forecasting data (e.g., APO) and operational planning execution data from SAP.

Implemented with help from Magnitude’s expert Professional Services to ensure custom algorithms are configured correctly, this new feature will give users more insight and control by unleashing all the value from the powerful insights derived from the Angles for SAP Supply and Demand Matching logic.

Provide additional insight into your quality process performance

The Quality Management process can be cumbersome. It is important to stay on top of necessary quality checks during the manufacturing process but it is difficult to retrieve an exhaustive overview of the different steps required directly from SAP. To improve your ability to understand what checks are required, which checks have been performed – and the outcome of those checks, Angles for SAP has introduced a comprehensive dashboard to illuminate the Quality Process.

The purpose of this new Dashboard is to provide you with immediate answers to questions like:

  • How many quality inspection lots have been rejected in the last 365 days?
  • From which vendors did most rejected quality inspection lots come from in the last 365 days?
  • Which materials have been returned most from customers in the last 365 days?
  • Which materials have been returned to vendors in the last 365 days?
  • How many materials cannot be used anymore due to batches being expired, or needed dates being later than the expiration date?
  • How many material related defects are still open that should have already been handled?
  • How many vendor related defects are still open that should have already been handled?

Insight on EAN information for Materials

Materials can be carried in many different units of measurement. You can create an International Article Number (EAN) as a unique identifier for each unit of measurement. In logistics, if the units to be moved are identified at a company by their EAN, it is important to ensure that the EANs of all units are correct and known to the system. Also, EAN is used to sell in different pack sizes, for example: pallets, cartons, crates, and pieces.

Angles for SAP now includes a class for EAN and references are added to the objects Material and Material Unit of Measure. This class and references will allow business users to more easily analyze existing product stock to ensure that it complies with all required regulations.

Alternative Units of Measure added to Angles Data Model

Angles for SAP has added support for Alternative Units of Measure. You no longer have to rely on Excel or custom configuration to switch between KG, Boxes, or Pallets, etc. Units of measure now supported:

  • BAG : (Bags)
  • BOX : (Boxes)
  • EA : (Each)
  • G : (Grams)
  • KAR : (Kartons)
  • KG : (Kilograms)
  • L : (Liters)
  • LB : (Pounds)
  • ROL : (Role)
  • ST : (Pieces)

Display all Handling Units belonging to a Batch

Angles for SAP has added a new reference from the object Handling Unit to the object Batch. The object will allow you to expose the batch (both batch plant-dependent and batch plant-independent configuration) related to the Handling Unit.

To easily track & trace all HUs per batch or material and vice versa, additional Displays have been added to the template Handling Unit Item.

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