Maximizing Oracle Data to Drive Business Intelligence Value

Fact: Organizations spend 80% of their time preparing their data and 20% of the time using it.

In a time marked by the need to adjust to a volatile market and supply chain uncertainties, companies require actionable insights to contend with competitors more than ever. While the data stored in your ERP system can help make informed decisions, it’s that very data that is the toughest to unlock.

Magnitude’s Darren Peirce, Chief Product Office, and Dean Ansermoz, Director of Product Management, presented on this topic at the UK Oracle User Group. The session focused on maximizing Oracle data and driving business intelligence value from ERP systems to generate actionable insights – an initiative that, without the right strategy and tools, can be time-consuming, expensive and ultimately unsuccessful.

According to Peirce: “While BI can do a lot, it’s only as good as the ingredients you put into it. Where is the business knowledge that’s essential to combine with the data and the systems to arrive at insights and knowledge?”

Ansermoz also notes that complex ERP systems hinder self-service reporting and analysis for business users, plus heavy reliance on IT causes data access delays and user frustration. He shared insights on the most successful approaches for turning such enterprise data into insights, highlighting the need for real-time reporting and deep business insights to provide continuous intelligence for your enterprise.

Watch the on-demand replay to:

  • Understand the state of business intelligence today and consider what’s so “intelligent” about BI
  • Explore the challenges of accessing EBS data to make actionable decisions
  • Learn how to deliver real insight from your Oracle data into your BI tool with real-world examples

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