New Master Data Foundation Shaves Months Off Central Finance Projects

Master data harmonization is one of the biggest central finance project obstacles. The complex data mappings required across multiple systems are difficult to understand and proper scoping is crucial for project success. Underscoring our commitment to the SAP Central Finance community, we’ve built a new solution specifically to solve this issue with the release of SAP Central Finance Data Harmonization application by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA.

We’ve automated the entire process of extracting and harmonizing data from multiple systems into one golden copy in central finance. In turn, our customers can now avoid months of work extracting and preparing their master data for central finance, saving significant time on their overall project. This is achieved through automation and machine learning within our Magnitude solution.

Specifically, the new harmonization offering for the SAP Solution Extension portfolio creates the master data foundation by providing the tools, methodology and automation of the process of extracting master data from SAP and non-SAP source systems.

Intrigued? Read our press release to learn more about the SAP Central Finance Data Harmonization features and how we’re empowering SAP-run businesses to improve efficiencies and achieve more agile faster finance operations.

Want more information? Just visit the Magnitude SAP Central Finance resource library.