Leverage Data Connectivity as the Foundation for Cloud Analytics Success

Take a look at this special DBTA webinar in which our Jeff Bayntun joined DataStax’s Nick Panahi and host Stephen Faig, to offer considerations and advice for enterprises charting their course to cloud analytics.

The cloud is increasingly the go-to destination for data analytics, with more and more organizations adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. Success in this cloud-first world means creating a data management strategy and supporting it with technologies that easily span multiple clouds to ensure flexible data connectivity and integration, eliminate single points of failure and maintain acceptable performance and security.

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Chart Your Course to Cloud Analytics Success

Key takeaways:

  • More and more organizations are connecting to multiple and diverse data sources when analyzing their customers,, sales, marketing and overall business data. In fact, 66% of webinar attendees think users in their business should have access to 3-5 data sources for reporting (with 11% voting for 10+ data sources).
  • Having many sources of valuable data has obvious benefits; it also increases complexity, and results in data silos. The problem lies in connecting it all: integrating this data for analytics requires time-consuming manual extracts (which also produces errors)
  • Simba and DataStax simplify connectivity management with technologies that enable companies to span multiple Clouds. The right data management strategies, in combination with the right technologies, solve data connectivity issues in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Simba’s data connectors and Simba Gateway, in addition to DataStax’s DSE Smart Drivers, break down data silos, increase collaboration and equip decision-makers with faster access to actionable business insights.
  • Data users, IT and ultimately the entire business will reap a myriad of benefits: Reduced time that IT spends managing connectivity updates, quick access to data source updates, and more valuable insights for the enterprise.

The Cloud provides freedom and flexibility. Smart, simple, dependable data connectivity unlocks the benefits of cloud.

Access the archive recording of this special edition webinar for more insights.