Get the Inside Track on how Magnitude is Empowering Finance Organizations

Join us at SAP Insider 2020 Virtual Conference Experience on August 18-21 to learn first-hand how Magnitude is empowering finance organizations and the SAP finance user.

Get the inside scoop on how we’re enabling fast, low cost and low-risk integration of third-party data into SAP Central Finance by streamlining the data integration process with Magnitude SourceConnect now available globally through SAP as a Solution Extension, under the name SAP Central Finance Transaction Replication by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA.

For accounting teams looking to close the books faster and more efficiently, Process Runner GLSU makes it easy for finance users to automate their everyday FICO processes utilizing Excel, resulting in improved data quality and increased productivity.

You won’t want to miss these featured Financials2020 sessions presented by Magnitude customers, solution specialists, and SAP experts:

Empower your finance users to streamline processes while managing risk and compliance


David Jorden, Director, Global ERP Financial Solutions & Compliance, Callaway Golf

Susan Santos, Partner, Director of Compliance, Ogilvy

Tim Curtin, Solution Specialist, Z Option by Magnitude

Discover how Callaway Golf puts the power of spreadsheet template creation back in the hands of their finance team – going from large, complex templates to a more simple approach. Learn how Callaway utilizes Excel to improve the efficiency of financial data entry functions such as entering invoices, accruals, and other recurring entries and simplify everyday business processes. Hear how Ogilvy’s Finance Team automates business processes with a heavy focus on systems/business controls and audit – and how to manage risk and compliance. Find out how Ogilvy’s use of an Excel-based tool, which provides seamless integration with SAP, allows better control in addressing Segregation of Duties.

  • Find out how leveraging Excel empowers Finance users to streamline time-intensive processes
  • See how to improve speed and accuracy by automating manual tasks
  • Discover how to spend less time preparing for audits by attaching associated documentation
  • Learn how using a tool that integrates with SAP can provide better compliance

How to address 3rd party data requirements in your Central Finance deployment


Carsten Hilker, Global Solutions, Owner, SAP

John Hume, Solution Consulting Leader, Magnitude

Doug Corpuel, Senior Director, Magnitude

Are you considering a move to SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance? Does your plan fully address how to integrate your existing non-SAP source system data into your Central Finance implementation? Discover how adding SAP Central Finance Transaction Replication Application by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA can facilitate and accelerate data integration for your move to Central Finance. This session will offer expert insights into overcoming the common challenges encountered when integrating financial data such as transaction detail, error handling, and reconciliation, and will prepare your team for the road ahead to a successful central finance deployment.

  • Hear SAP’s Global Solution Owner, Carsten Hilker outline the business benefits that SAP S/4HANA Central Finance can bring to your organization
  • Examine the complexities of building a solution for Central Finance and receive expert advice for enabling agile, intelligent finance operations
  • Explore the benefits of enabling intelligent data integration for Central Finance to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Discover how to integrate transactional data into SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance utilizing an SAP solution extension to reduce cost and risk
  • Review recommendations that will help you achieve a speedy and successful Central Finance implementation
  • Understand how live SAP Central Finance customers have leveraged pre-built connectors to integrate detailed transactions from both SAP and third-party sources

How to improve your journal entry uploading processes and provide a better end-user experience


Tim Curtin, Solution Specialist, Z Option by Magnitude

This session explores how Z Option by Magnitude’s GLSU solution, with its integration between Microsoft Excel and SAP, can be leveraged to improve journal entry uploading processes and provide a better user experience. Through demonstrations, you will learn how to leverage GLSU to validate information, park or post your financial journal entries, and document the process automatically.

  • Learn how to streamline Financial document posting process resulting in a shorter month-end close cycle
  • See how using GLSU’s pre-validation feature can improve audit processing with increased accuracy
  • Explore how to use Excel and GLSU to automate manual entries or replace in-house (custom) uploaders

How to achieve success in your SAP Central Finance deployment using master data & harmonization


Carsten Hilker, Global Solutions, Owner, SAP

John Hume, Solution Consulting Leader, Magnitude SourceConnect

Doug Corpuel, Senior Director, Magnitude SourceConnect

Delivering value quickly in an SAP S/4HANA Central Finance deployment requires a practical focus on master data. The scope of Central Finance functionality dictates what master data is needed, and the resulting effort and time spent on configurations, master data definitions and mappings can significantly impact project complexity, duration and success. By leveraging automation and intelligent technologies, you can accelerate the master data phase of your project, and deliver higher value within Central Finance to your stakeholders.

  • Understand the relationship between SAP Central Finance scope, value and master data requirements
  • Recognize the challenges and pitfalls of the common methods used for master data integration and how to overcome them
  • Learn how the automation of key master data tasks can significantly accelerate your SAP Central Finance deployment and deliver more value, faster

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