Honoring and Supporting Women’s Achievement, and Inclusive Workplaces

A conversation about the power of celebration

  • Life at Magnitude

Our team in India has uniquely celebrated International Women’s Day for five years. To explore the importance of this day, celebration in general, and the opportunities afforded by a remote team, I sat down with Ramanpreet Kaur, Magnitude’s HR Manager, to gain her perspective.

What does celebration mean to you?

Celebration recognizes value. It demonstrates investment in people. It gives attention to those who deserve it. Our celebration of International Women’s Day, in particular, gives us the opportunity to honor and recognize the power and promise of our female team members.

We have three locales in India, and celebrating International Women’s Day helps spread the word across each that women are important to our company. Such occasions bring people closer together, creating and extending bonds that support collaboration. Relationships are enhanced across the teams and you can see that.

How does the team celebrate International Women’s Day?

Magnitude encourages female employees to take some time off and celebrate. Historically, the method of celebration is brainstormed relative to each locale. Female employees come together to share ideas on how to celebrate, which might result in going out for lunch, having an adventure together, sometimes sharing gifts or goodies, and agreeing to a certain mode of dress. A small team is available to support, enabling each of the groups to tap into available budget and execute their ideas.

Key to honoring our women colleagues is a cake-cutting event with the whole team – like a send-off before the women leave for their outing.

How has the celebration changed this year given the pandemic?

Of course, the celebration in 2021 is all virtual. There are a variety of get-togethers online including lunch for all employees to celebrate female colleagues. Since we are working from home, we have the opportunity for more colleagues to celebrate across the regions. With everyone together on a single platform we get to see new faces and interact with others we might not have in the past. This gives the celebration – and the cause – more visibility, with increased interaction and understanding.

Are there particular women revered by the team?

There are many important women in India and around the world admired for their social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. I won’t speak for our entire team, but I will share that there are also Magnitude female leaders locally and around the world, I personally find inspiring who stand up for their teams, and get their ideas and opinions heard and accepted to bring value to the company.

How does this reflect on the Magnitude team culture?

Many organizations do something special for International Women’s Day, such as activities associated with or championing well-being and inclusion, paying tribute to women who have played a particular role in IT or industry. We honor the day as well, bringing attention to the importance of women – and diversity – in the success not just of our company, but of one another. By celebrating this day we are empowering, recognizing, and appreciating women for their contributions now and in the future. This is why we celebrate it every year.