Resource Guide for Empowering the SAP-Run Enterprise

This year, we’ve had to rewrite the playbook for many job functions and adapt to new ways of working for the virtual environment. Amid the uncertainty, what’s clear is the need for data-driven insights to respond to changing market conditions and to support our business goals.

We’ve seen this play out with many of our own customers that have accelerated their digital transformation efforts. This begins with investing in their data capabilities and it’s the core of Magnitude’s business — to help customers simplify their journey to become data-driven enterprises.

Specifically, for the SAP community, we’ve introduced many innovations that empower SAP users to drive more value from their ERP data through automation, interoperability and insights. With that in mind, I offer up an end-of-summer reading list that dives into some valuable content for SAP-run businesses.

Here are highlights of our recent insights and resources for your reading and viewing:

Supporting Faster, Better, and More Cost-Effective SAP Central Finance Implementations:

SAP Global Solutions Owner, Carsten Hilker explains how Magnitude was chosen to be a SAP Solution Extension Partner, a highly selective SAP group, and the benefits of Magnitude’s Transaction Replication solution for Central Finance users. Read his blog.

The Smarter Path for Improving Efficiencies and Achieving Agile Finance Operations: Does your company need to capture financial data from multiple SAP and non-SAP ERP systems for centralized reporting and processing? Then watch this video to learn how you can speed the integration of financial data.

Building the Data-Driven Enterprise for a Resilient Future: While organizations might be tempted to put technology projects on pause, our Bas Kamphuis predicts that companies investing in their digital capabilities now will emerge stronger as data-driven enterprises.

Read his piece on Dataversity.

Enable Intelligent Data Integration for SAP Central Finance: Recently released Magnitude SourceConnect 3.0 provides finance organizations with complete visibility of data and traceability for audit and control reporting across source systems. Read the news.

Supply Chain Spotlight: Gain Control in a Turbulent World: In a world of exponential complexity and constant change, the need for control is greater than ever. A supply chain control tower should not only provide the required visibility to survive and thrive, but also be able to discern real-time KPIs populated by data from across the entire extended supply chain.

Become a Financial Superhero with Excel: Remove stress from the close process by streamlining everyday processes and improving productivity using Excel as your sidekick – eliminating the need for IT involvement. Watch the webcast.

Mastering Master Data Maintenance in SAP: Learn how office furniture leader, Kimball International, accelerated SAP data management while boosting efficiencies and time to market—all through smart automation. Read the case study.

Stay updated on our new insights by reading our latest blog posts.