Q&A with Bas Kamphuis: Empowering SAP Businesses to Unlock the Value of Enterprise Data

SAPinsider, the largest and fastest growing SAP membership group worldwide, recently featured Magnitude’s Bas Kamphuis, General Manager of the Productivity Business Unit, in an exclusive Q&A to discuss his role in helping companies unlock the value of their enterprise data.

Bas shared his perspective that “many companies today are data-rich but insight-blind — that is, they generate data in abundance but lack the tools to efficiently transform the information into business insights in a fully automated way.”

To help customers get the most from their SAP data, Bas offered the following advice:

“Organizations are more successful — particularly in transformational business initiatives — when they have figured out how to turn data into a competitive advantage. The purpose and the power behind the tools we offer is ultimately in unlocking data to be more democratic — getting the right information into the hands of the people making business decisions.”

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