Creating a Centralized View Across Multiple ERP Systems with SAP Central Finance & Magnitude

For companies dealing with multiple ERP systems, the centralization of financial data offers a way to reduce complexity and improve efficiency. But creating this “centralized view” across distributed ERP systems (Oracle, SAP, etc.) can be major challenge. Even if there’s only one ERP vendor involved, in some cases separate business divisions could be using different versions, making unified transparency a challenge. Enter Magnitude SourceConnect: a suite of pre-built solutions to accelerate and manage key data integration aspects for non-SAP systems. SAP Central Finance customers turn to Magnitude to streamline and integrate third party data sources into SAP Central Finance. The Magnitude solution is available globally through SAP as a Solution Extension, under the name SAP Central Finance Transaction Replication by Magnitude for SAP S/4HANA). To show the power and utility of financial data centralization, it’s worth examining the experiences of a company that has actually gone through the process. This field report will cover a specific customer example in the international food & agricultural industry and examine the steps toward understanding and reshaping ERP landscapes into more flexible forms by creating a centralized view across multiple ERP systems. Read the report: Centralizing Reporting on a Distributed Oracle ERP Landscape Based on SAP’s Central Finance Solution to dive deeper into:
  • Why you should consider financial data centralization?
  • What can be done with a centralized view?
  • What does centralization actually look like in reality?
    • Discuss the challenges and opportunities in the centralization process
    • Review how centralization works and the value of a consolidated view
    • Explore a specific customer example of a consolidated view utilizing SAP Central Finance
SAP Central Finance with the addition of Magnitude SourceConnect offers the opportunity for a streamlined central view of all financial systems, no matter how complex and heterogeneous the current ERP landscape. This unified financial view provides immediate benefits and allows companies greater freedom as they decide whether to continue with their existing systems or migrate away from them. Let us talk you through how to integrate non-SAP ERP data into your Central Finance implementation while delivering the full value of your Central Finance solution. Contact Magnitude SourceConnect