Connect to Data Effortlessly with Simba Managed Services: 4 Real Use Cases

Data-driven applications need reliable, high-performance connections to data sources. As the data connector industry leader, Magnitude Simba can support most cases with fully tested, maintained and supported “off-the-shelf” (commercial) drivers. For specialized requirements including features, data sources and compliance, Simba extends those capabilities with a range of Managed Services.

Building drivers in-house falls well outside the core expertise or focus of many software development teams and IT departments, adding to project cost, complexity and time to completion for a company’s core products. Simba Managed Services can address those concerns while also improving product quality and providing essentials such as testing and certification. Moreover, full-lifecycle engagement for Simba connectivity solutions includes ongoing driver support and maintenance, safeguarding data connectivity for the full solution lifecycle.

The following four use cases combine outcomes from multiple real-world Simba Managed Services engagements to show how these services improve solutions across various scenarios.

1. Streamline Data Connector Integration & Testing

Your application environment gets more complicated by the day, from new and updated data sources and OSs to initiatives such as adopting Kerberos. Simba Integration & Testing Services reduce that complexity with development, automated testing and certification.

Customer Challenge: A project team was unable to effectively and efficiently test an enterprise analytics platform against dozens of data sources. Beyond the resources needed to source, integrate and test the drivers, they found that just maintaining the infrastructure to test against was prohibitive. With this bottleneck, the team was unable to meet implementation timelines and connectivity was spotty, which frustrated users.

Success: After the company adopted Simba Integration & Testing Services, it inserted Simba engineers directly into its development, quality and release cycles. Those resources now integrate and certify all new drivers and data sources. They have also expanded and automated the test suite to increase the frequency of testing and verification while reducing costs, accelerating the project pipeline and improving the user experience.

2. Meet Specialized Requirements with Driver Customization

You may find that an off-the-shelf driver handles part of your project requirements but needs some modification to handle the rest. Simba offers Driver Customization Managed Services to make those modifications as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Challenge: A software product team struggled to adapt drivers for connectivity of its data-visualization dashboard and reporting utility to a constantly growing set of data sources. The development team had some experience coding data connectors, but they ran into issues handling security logic, custom data types and query optimizations across various operating systems.

Success with Simba Managed Services: Bringing in Simba’s specialized expertise with data connectors took the pain out of customization. Building from off-the-shelf and open source drivers, meeting specialized requirements no longer threatens project timelines and budgets. Simba even resolved a complex implementation of access and identity management (AIM) logic that had been stalled for months.

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3. Outsource Driver Development & Testing Based on SimbaEngine SDK

When your project requires building a data connector from scratch, the SimbaEngine SDK—the same toolset that Simba engineers use to develop data connectors for the world’s top software vendors—provides a proven foundation. With Simba SDK-Licensed Development & Testing Managed Services, you can outsource driver development entirely or augment your team, so your internal resources can focus on innovating, while Simba does the heavy lifting on connectivity.

Customer Challenge: The application services group in an enterprise IT company had great results building specialized data connectors for its business intelligence platforms with the SimbaEngine SDK. As requirements for new data sources and capabilities have grown, though, these tasks consume more resources than the organization can spare. What’s more, it’s a challenge to find developers with interest and experience in this area.

Success with Simba Managed Services: Due to the Simba team’s expertise with SimbaEngine SDK and a broad range of enterprise applications, data connectivity projects now go more smoothly, with far less rework and project delay, while internal developers are able to focus on value-added activities. Simba developers transparently adopted the tools, languages and processes that were already in place, and now act as a contingent resource that expands and contracts according to shifting needs.

4. Free Up Maintenance Resources with Engineering Services

Even if you have expertise in-house, the finer points of building or maintaining drivers can get esoteric and complicated. Simba Engineering Services can take over maintenance of your existing data connectors - without the need to recode or port them - across all programming languages and standards.

Challenge: An enterprise IT team found the connections from its analytics tools to its cloud data warehouse to be unstable and a major source of pain. They have been working with both sets of software vendors to try and resolve the issue, but they aren’t getting anywhere. Meanwhile, the business units and senior management are getting increasingly vocal about the need to improve the stability and reliability of the connection.

Success: Bringing in connectivity experts from Simba put dedicated resources to work on the existing data connector, which had been developed in-house. Working with that driver instead of porting it or calling for a forklift upgrade avoided negative impact to operations while reducing costs and quickly delivering results. Support for new versions and capabilities is now effortless, and the team even added multidimensional functionality to the driver to extend it across ODBC, JDBC, OLEDB and ADO.NET adapters for a new data connectivity initiative.


No matter what your challenges and requirements are related to data connectors, Simba Managed Services can take them out of your way for the entire lifecycle, so your team can focus on its core work. Enlisting that expertise in your organization can reduce costs, accelerate project timelines and improve solution quality.

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