Accelerate Business Decisions with SAP Data Automation

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Even with changing market conditions and unpredictable supply chains, your company must still reliably provide products to customers and suppliers, meeting their increasingly rigid deadlines. Difficult conditions are the norm for many companies in the current climate, but if you are having issues with your supply chain data, those conditions can become unmanageable.

What can you do to right the ship and get it sailing smoothly? Fortunately, there is a clear path to making better business decisions without reducing productivity or risking relationships with your customers and suppliers.

First, let’s dig into what the primary challenges are.

What’s Dragging Your Data Down?

Faced with challenging supply chains, many suppliers are struggling to deliver necessary goods in a timely manner – leaving your customers empty-handed. And no matter how much you understand the current situation, being caught in the middle is neither a good feeling nor is it good for business. Your on-time, in-full (OTIF) rate is suffering. Your contracts are in peril. Conditions are rapidly becoming unmanageable.

While supply chain disruptions are largely out of your control, you can influence how quickly you’re able to react to them.

Let’s zoom in on where your problems might stem from. SAP is a complex tool. It requires a significant amount of training and programming knowledge to efficiently extract and analyze data for your custom business needs. Business users often rely on IT to create bespoke tools, like Legacy System Migration Workbench’s (LSMWs), that allow them to upload data and execute SAP processes. But your company needs to move faster in today’s supply markets, and it is time to stop relying on IT.

to provide the daily supply chain insights you need.

Here's what you want to avoid:

  • Tedious, manual uploads – Your company suffers when it is unable to react to changes in the market or organizational processes quickly because the uploading of data is incredibly manual, time-consuming and error prone.
  • Poor data security standards and organization – IT departments and those handling SAP data are often dealing with organizational processes and workflows that don’t meet their data standards, resulting in errors and an overwhelming workload.

Enhance Your Data Insights and Gain Independence from IT

You need to enable every business user to manage and automate SAP data uploads through a familiar Microsoft Excel interface. You want to empower teams across the organization to keep projects moving while also giving IT control of user access.

  • Accelerate time to value – Adapt and pivot to changes in the market by automating transactions for any SAP module. Utilize 1,900+ templates to duplicate processes and data uploads. Simplify processes like changing material orders through faster data migrations, easier data transformations, and streamlined data management.
  • Implement data stewardship – Centralize compliance and governance of mass processing to prevent risk and accidental damage of SAP data investment. Save time by using the security and user access profiles already in SAP or enhance user access with Process Runner’s control panel.

Data management software can speed up this process, streamline data management, and empower internal teams, saving time and money for an organization right away.

Process Runner Takes You There

“There” is the state of getting the most from your data without sacrificing the time and resources that your company needs on the supply chain front lines. Process Runner makes SAP data management fast and easy with deep automation capabilities for all SAP modules in a user-friendly Excel interface. Loading data is no longer a tedious, manually task, freeing up your team’s time to spend on creating value for your business elsewhere. Reduce SAP data processing times by up to 90% and utilize more than 1,900 pre-built templates to boost productivity and eliminate tedious tasks. Your data will be accurate and timely, and your decision-making timelines will no longer be dictated by your IT department’s long queue of requests from across the organization.

Why Process Runner Excels

  • Low-code, business friendly Excel integration takes the pressure off IT to manage all data uploads.
  • Quick time-to-value and install allows for enterprise-wide impact and time-savings
  • Pre-built content – 1,900+ templates to eliminate tedious data entry tasks, boosting productivity.
  • Line-level validations to reduce data errors before uploading to SAP.
  • Run T codes, BAPIs, GUI Scripting, and Data Extractor technology from one tool.
  • A self-managed tool with no ongoing or on-site support needed.

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Kimball Office + Process Runner = Improved process and independence from IT

Challenge: Business users were responsible for managing massive amounts of data for SAP business processes within tight time constraints. While workload increased, the most time-consuming projects fell on IT.

Solution: By implementing Process Runner, Kimball users can now debug data issues before data is loaded to SAP, which saves significant time.

Result: Kimball made 10,000 updates in no time at all and 139,000 in 9 hours overnight. The data team even chained 12 processes into a single, automated process.

Read more on the Kimball case study here.

Accelerate Business Decisions with SAP Data Automation

Improve manual journal entry uploading processes and relieve unwanted stress from the month end close. Magnitude Process Runner GLSU provides SAP finance teams with the power, flexibility and accuracy needed to work faster and smarter.