5 Reasons to Upgrade to Latest Version of Angles for Oracle

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For decades, hundreds of enterprise Oracle ERP customers have taken advantage of the industry-leading capabilities for operational reporting and strategic analytics offered by Angles for Oracle (formerly Noetix.) If your organization is one of those customers, we want to make you aware of some exciting new features recently introduced to the latest platform version that improve agility, collaboration, and integration.

Angles for Oracle delivers a context-aware, process-rich business data model, with a library of 1,800 pre-built, no-code business reports, and a high-performance process analytics engine for Oracle Business Applications, including EBS and OCA. This integrated solution helps you unlock your enterprise data and gain actionable insights so you can act decisively in an uncertain and quickly changing world.

The latest update to Angles for Oracle (Version 22.1) was released in the first quarter of 2022. In the spirit of constant improvement, insightsoftware has added a range of new features that offer greater productivity and utility.

Let’s look at five reasons you should upgrade to the latest version of Angles for Oracle.

1. Instant Deployment of New Views for Greater Agility

To enable rapid and efficient response to business disruptions, version 22.1 of Angles for Oracle introduces new Views and updates to existing views which can be deployed instantly without the need for view regeneration. Access to these updated views enables your teams to be more self-sufficient and lowers the risk associated with view regeneration.

Common scenarios that will benefit from instant deployment of Views without regeneration:

  • New Descriptive Flex Field activated for a column or row in your ERP
  • New Organization is added to your Oracle setup – through merger & acquisition or otherwise
  • Extend or Create New View
  • Add a Software Patch
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2. Seamless Integration with Cloud Data Warehouse Targets

Version 22.1 of Angles for Oracle builds on the progress made in the previous 7.1 release. Expect simplified access to high-quality, extensible views of ERP data for reporting and analytics in a cloud-native destination.

With these upgrades, you can seamlessly integrate your existing ERP ecosystem with cloud data warehouse targets, like Snowflake and Azure SQL Server. This enables you to generate cloud provisioned views of data from on-premises or cloud sources, or a combination of both.

  • Access views from both on-prem and cloud ERPs via a fully managed turn-key service with zero maintenance overhead
  • Provide business users with a consistent and simple user experience, regardless of the target cloud warehouse
  • Eliminate the costly and time-consuming practice of replicating data from on-prem targets to cloud targets

This release offers integrated data replication to minimize the transaction times of your ERP. You get a single, cloud accessible user interface that provides a one stop shop for management, administration, and orchestration of the Angles Views, and new templates for reporting on Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications (OCA.)

  • Combine content from on-premises and cloud Oracle ERPs. Include and blend data from on-premises and cloud applications with other sources to facilitate a gradual migration to cloud. You are in control of the timeline, migrating at a speed that works best for your organization.
  • Bidirectional synchronization. With data management in the cloud, synchronization between data sources becomes a concurrent process, resulting in better performance.
    Cloud data replication. Replicating data from Oracle ERPs to cloud target data warehouses like Snowflake or Microsoft Azure eliminates strain on transactional source systems when running intensive analytical and reporting queries.
  • Migration to Oracle Cloud applications. New out-of-the box templates for content in Oracle Cloud applications open additional areas of analysis with a short time to value.

3. Centralized Management of On-premises and Cloud Reports and Analytics

The latest version of Angles for Oracle introduces a single application to manage on-premises operational reporting and cloud analytics. This allows you to build Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) on-premises reports alongside your cloud based operational datastores, using the same BI integration and collaborative user interface.

  • Enable users to create, save, share, and export BI reports by accessing blended data from on-prem and cloud sources
  • Navigate the relationship between data objects from different sources
  • Generate reports and ad hoc queries directly within BI tool of choice

4. New Cloud Accessible Web Portal for Streamlined User Self-Service

Version 22.1 introduces a web-based, user-centric, self-service hub experience that builds on Angles for Oracle’s market leading operational reporting capabilities. This is built on a robust platform provided by select hyperscale partners, offering you a reporting solution with unparalleled resilience, performance, and scale.

  • Lightning-fast search functionality. Angles Hub incorporates “Google-style” search technology that reveals and catalogs all metadata, including user-defined tags. It documents the business metadata of each view and report, making it faster and easier to search for and understand data.
  • Cross-functional collaboration. Angles Hub provides a highly collaborative environment for business users, BI developers, and IT. By enabling true self-service reporting, Angles Hub shields users from the complexities of Oracle ERPs. Users can autonomously source the answers they need, without in-depth understanding of complex ERP data structures. Through Angles Hub, users can also create and share reports using an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface.
  • Easy, protected IT management. Reports are protected from changes to database structure—a frequent occurrence during enterprise application upgrades. This saves time and cost by ensuring your existing reports continue to work after each upgrade. Administration is further eased, as Angles Hub allows for custom relationships and content to be created and deployed from a central location.

5. Boost Value on Upgrade to Global Views with Move to Cloud

If your organization has yet to upgrade from Standard Views to Global Views, maybe it’s time to consider everything that Global Views offer, including:

  • The ability to support multiple instances of EBS or OCA for reporting and analytics
  • A simplified security model that leads to more collaboration
  • Reduced load on OLTP resulting in faster report runtimes
  • Support for more complex configurations
  • And much more

More importantly, Global Views are required to take advantage of the cloud delivery model released in 2021 as well as most of the features introduced in 22.1. Because we want all our customers to benefit from all that Angles for Oracle now has to offer, as an incentive, we are offering a deep discount for customers to transition from Standard Views to Global Views if 22.1 is implemented via Angles Cloud.

Interested in upgrading? Your Account Manager or Customer Support Manager can help walk you through the process. We think you will be happy you did.

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