2021 in SAP: A Look Ahead

SAPinsider Benchmark Report: 2021 State of the Market on SAP

  • Data Integration
  • Data-Driven Enterprise
  • Process Mining and Analytics

Are you and your team truly getting the most out of your existing investment in SAP? If you feel like there is room to optimize and improve, what are you planning to do differently this year to ensure a stronger ROI?

We partnered with SAPinsider and SAP to kick off the new year with a unique study to investigate how SAP-run enterprises like yours are adjusting data strategies and preparing for success in 2021 and beyond … not just to survive, but to thrive. In the report, “2021 State of the Market on SAP,” Riz Ahmed, Chief Content Officer at SAPinsider examines the key trends in technology investment and business innovation that are guiding SAP customers' strategies.

Based on interviews and surveys of executives, business users, and IT organizations across industries and locations, the report provides insights that can help SAP decision-makers better understand how their peers are evolving their strategies, business processes, and technical architectures for the coming year. Let’s dive into some of the key findings from the report.

It is no surprise that some of the most popular topics among survey respondents include SAP S/4HANA, the cloud, automation, and analytics, and we couldn’t agree more!

Key Report Takeaways

  • Doing more with less has never been more important

SAPinsider recommends focusing process innovation efforts on automation, intelligence, and integration. 2021 will be a year of reinvestment in staff, technology, skills, and growth. While the number of SAP users is predicted to increase, many 2021 budgets and SAP support team sizes will remain the same as in 2020, indicating that eliminating manual effort through automation will be essential for success. By evaluating your current processes and what they cost to maintain and execute, you will be more prepared to fully understand what the return would be on any new investments and justify the potential ROI to your organization.

  • Data is everything – and analytics is the key to future success

Analytics is highlighted as the area of greatest technology investment for 2021 and also leads the pack as the most desired skill set among employers at more than 40%, but many respondents feel they do not currently have the right solutions and skills in place to support a long-term strategy. The recent business disruptions and the need to plan and react immediately have increased the need for real-time visibility into operations, sales, and customer experience. Investment into key areas like analytics (41%), cloud (39%), and robotic process automation (RPA) (33%) indicate that SAP-run enterprises are striving to be data-driven, reporting back on their success to ensure they are running their business efficiently. Investment in both technology and skillsets is critical to accomplishing that.

  • Streamline core processes

Investing and re-investing in e-commerce, sales, finance, and supply chain processes are top transformation objectives – and a growing number of companies are turning to partners to support these initiatives. When asked about the business processes that are expected to transform in 2021, finance- and cash-related activities top the list, including Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, and Record to Report. These responses show that respondents are trying to control and manage their expenses and payments and get a handle on their close processes.

  • S/4HANA is top of mind, but not quite the norm

More than 40% of respondents are currently evaluating the business case for SAP S/4HANA or running pilot projects, but only 33% are currently live or in the process of implementing. The remaining 27% are still on the fence about making plans for the big migration and will continue to focus on their existing SAP ERP version, though we at Magnitude predict that this will increase in the months to come.

  • The move to the cloud is inevitable

Business and IT leaders view the move to the cloud as a solution to optimize costs, reduce complexity, and accelerate implementation and innovation. It’s no secret that SaaS solutions and hyperscale public cloud platforms will continue to receive significant investments. SAPinsider reports that 53% of respondents indicate they have larger planned core investments in cloud this year. Companies are offloading the non-differentiated heavy-lifting associated with customizing and maintaining business processes and instead are prioritizing deploying collective best practices that can be enabled and configured for them through cloud-based offerings. SAPinsider recommends building a short-term and long-term cloud strategy, while continuing to support a hybrid environment.

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