PEX Live: Process Mining 2021

Location: Virtual

Process mining and process discovery have become critical tools for businesses keen to understand how their processes work in reality, rather than an idealized process map. It does this by visualizing the increasing volume of data generated by business systems.

Since the pandemic, process mining has become ever more important for businesses keen to identify any fracture points in their workflow which might have resulted from the changing business environment and increased prevalence of remote work.

Now in its third year, PEX Live: Process Mining 2021 will be focused on:

  • Utilizing event log information to generate a real-time picture of existing business processes
  • Comparing ‘ideal’ process maps against real processes
  • Identifying bottlenecks, inefficient processes, and deviations
  • Measuring improvements generated by any process enhancements
  • Ensuring real-time monitoring to identify problems as and when they arise

Hear direct from Magnitude about how to lay the foundations for continuous business improvement using easy-to-view process graphs with out-of-the-box Process Mining for SAP in the session, "Turning SAP Process Insights into Business Improvements." Join us March 10th at 10am ET; registration is free of charge.

Process Mining Live screenshot