Digital Distributor Summit

Location: Virtual

We’re presenting at Modern Distribution Management’s Digital Distributor Summit.

Tuesday June 29, 2021

Join Magnitude’s Agility PIM experts at the Modern Distribution Management one day virtual Digital Distributor Summit designed exclusively to help wholesale distribution executives and their teams with responsibility for digital to accelerate their organization’s post-pandemic digital journey.

Attendees will have access to interactive sessions and panels on strategy, innovation and change management to help build stronger digital capabilities – and will leave with insights from leading experts in distribution e-commerce and digital transformation. This year’s Digital Distributor Summit’s purpose is to help distributors and manufacturers make smart technology investments – by bringing the right people together for the right conversations.

Visit our virtual booth to learn how your company can improve operating efficiency, channel marketing effectiveness, and drive digital transformation with our product information management solution – Magnitude Agility PIM.

Don’t miss our presentation on Tuesday June 29, 2021 at 1:40pm ET by Dawn Zassick, Magnitude Vice President, Customer Solutions:

How to Optimize Product Data for Your eCommerce Success

No matter how feature rich your eCommerce platform, or how much you advertise online, inadequate product data is still the number one barrier to greater eCommerce success. While it is easier than ever to acquire quality base product data, subscribing to data services is not enough to help you win the SEO game—Take charge of your product data now to ensure your potential customers find your site and the products they need within a few clicks and that you have anticipated every question so that they buy from you rather than looking for answers—and making their purchase—elsewhere. Join Magnitude’s Dawn Zassick at MDM’s Digital Distributor Summit - Tuesday, June 29, to learn about the many ways your product data affects your customers’ digital interactions with you and the steps you can take to ensure that your product data supports your eCommerce success.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn why buying data from industry associations and data service providers is not enough—you need to differentiate yourself for SEO success.
  • Understand that core product facts are only the foundation—ensure your product detail page goes beyond specs and includes images, videos, technical documents and related products/services that will answer customer questions and ensure conversion.
  • Appreciate that a strong taxonomy is non-negotiable—it makes attribute filters, indexable search and product comparison possible.