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Our Story

Magnitude was founded upon a vision to enable the data-driven enterprise by transforming data into continuous intelligence and competitive advantage.

Data Driven

The fourth industrial revolution is fueled by data. Our businesses generate data in exabytes and petabytes, a digital river of potential insights feeding into core business systems, data warehouses and data lakes. We are data rich, but data blind. Our ability to tap into this enterprise data – which turns raw material into product, prospect into customer, orders into cash – is hampered by disconnected data silos, complex and arcane data schemas, and by reporting and analytics tools that have no understanding of the underlying business process.

From Data to Insight

The companies that will outperform in this new era will be those who turn their data into a continuous intelligence for the business, providing actionable business insights to help move quickly, to out-think and out-act the competition.

We started Magnitude to help enterprises put the power of their data into the hands of their business users - to shorten the path from data to decision, and to help companies transform data from dusty archive to living intelligence.

Our Solutions

Our solutions help connect, integrate and harmonize distributed data across complex, distributed IT estates. Our automation tools eliminate tiresome, low-value data entry tasks and speed execution of core business transactions. And our process analytics platform moves beyond traditional data visualization BI tools with self-service operational reporting and process mining built on context-rich, process-aware data models and designed to answer your most pressing business questions.

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Our data integration, automation, and analytics solutions help more than 1,300 of the world’s largest enterprises see clearly, act decisively, and outmaneuver their competitors.


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Our New Brand

We've introduced a new brand identity and simplified our product naming to better communicate our vision, explain our capabilities, and streamline our customer experience.

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